St. Louis Park Class of 59 Address Book

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Here’s the link to our Class of 59 Address Book.  In it you will find classmate photos, home and email addresses, phone numbers, AIM/Bonjour/iChat/Skype video conference addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, names of spouses & children. 

If after downloading our Address Book file you see that your personal data is missing or incorrect, please email additional & corrected data to:


Downloading Address Book pdf files works best using the Firefox web browser.  If you don’t have Firefox installed on your computer, do it now.  Go to and download Firefox.  It is free and you won’t be disappointed; it is far superior to Internet Explorer.

After downloading Firefox, open the browser and go to   Click on Address Book.  Scroll down to the file that you want to download first and click on it.   A window will open asking: “What should Firefox do with this file?”  Click on the “Save File” button then click on the “OK” button.  The file will be downloaded. 

Go to your Download folder and open the pdf file.  Save a copy of it using whatever name you assign to it.  Do this with each Address Book pdf file and you will have a complete Class of 59 Address Book containing the names of all of your classmates.

Address Book vCards

If you have an Address Book in your computer, you can download industry-standard “vCards” & import them into your computer’s Address Book.  That way all classmate Address Book information is at your fingertips, even on your cell phone if you sync your phone to your computer.  To download your Address Book vCards click here:


St. Louis Park Teachers of 1959.vcf

If you need assistance downloading and importing vCards, email your request for help to

Address Book PDF Files

Address book files are available in Adobe’s PDF format.  The files are downloaded via your web browser and opened with Adobe Reader.  If you don’t have Adobe Reader, Google and download it; it’s free.

In order to download the files, your web browser MUST be up-to-date.  For best downloading — fastest & most error free — use the Firefox browser.  If you don’t have it, Google Firefox and download it; it’s free.

The Class of 59 Address Book is a big 75 mb file, the download time is dependent on the speed of your ISP connection.  Even if you have cable or DSL service, be patient, it may take a minute.

If your internet connection is “dial-up” do not attempt to download this file; it will take hours.  Instead, download one of the smaller files noted below, or better yet, order a C/D.

After you have downloaded the Address Book in Adobe’s pdf format, you can print a copy.  Adobe Reader also allows you to save a copy in your computer; just click the “Save” button in the menu bar located at the top of the Address Book pdf page.  Click below to begin downloading the whole (large) file:

Address Book.pdf

Park Hi Teachers of 1959.pdf

For shorter download times and more trouble-free downloading our Address Book has been segmented.  Click on a link below for smaller, faster downloading, Address Book files segmented as A-E, F-K, L-P and Q-W.  After downloading the first file, download the others.  After each Address Book pdf segment appears in your browser, you can print it and/or save it in your computer.





If you have problems downloading the above files, it is most likely because you are connecting to the internet via satellite, slow telephone DSL or a very busy TV Cable.  With slow connections errors become more likely and problematic.  Try downloading the files below; they are smaller and therefore will take less time to download.








Classmate List by State

Ever wonder if any of your classmates are living near you?  Ever wonder if any classmate is living in a state or town that you plan to visit?  At the end of this page is a list of classmates sorted and listed according to the state they live. 

C/D Option to Downloading

If you cannot download the Address Book pdf, or you want one complete  Address Book file instead of 4-7 smaller files (A-C, D-F, etc.) you may want a C/D which has both the Address Book vCards and the Address Book file in pdf format readable by all computers with free Adobe Reader software.  You can then upload the Address Book pdf from the C/D into your computer for permanent keeping and/or you can import the vCards into your computer’s Address Book.  To receive your copy of our Class of 59 Address Book C/D, send $10 cash and your request to St. Louis Park Class of 59, P O Box 678, Wayzata, MN 55391.

   Address Book Revisions

Don’t forget to tell us when you move or change phone numbers.  Because classmates move, numbers & email addresses change, and because we anticipate being advised of these changes, an updated edition of our Address Book will be published each month.  If you find that you cannot contact a classmate using the data in your Address Book, then download a revised Address Book or the appropriate segment.  If the new Address Book doesn’t contain correct data, we’d appreciate it if you would notify us by emailing a note to

Classmate List by State



Frank Miller, Avie Overbach


Mike Askerman, Marshal Bank, Bill Dempster, Jeff Fine, Jerry Fingerman, Dave Flemming, Paul Gooding, Kyrie Helseth, Patti Hoban, Karen Lindborg, Mary Lindemann, Ted Meland, Diana Meister, Karen Mollet, Dave Nitz, Tony Nelson, Judy Palen, Paula Snyder, Joanne Spillcke


John Bix, Susan Chalfen, Janet Citrowske, Hazel Danz, Jim DeBoom, Jane Erickson, Morton Gorel, Donna Johnson, Joan Katz,  Gary Kravets, Judith Phelps, Lou Reiter, Janet Renne´, David Rose, Steve Seagren, David Seirup, Neil Sell, Dave Shank, Bruce Stuebing, Gary Turton, Susan Winter


Lois Eherenfeldt, John Horisberger


James Dailey


Carole Clifford, Judi Copeland, Dan Doherty, Jim Feiker, Al Herwitz, Linda Johnson, Carol Johnson, Bill Korstad, Dick Olson, Tim Steinhelber


Kaija Lisa Kayhty


Gloria Able, Linda Carlson, Carole Clifford, Lelia Dahlberg, James Dailey, Rosemary Dietrich, Allen Glorvigen, Alan Griffiths, Sandra Hawkins, Bob Humboldt, Margret Kjartansson, Judy Miller, Don Peterson, Tom Rempfer, Bruce Siewert, Marilyn Wondra


David Friedman


Margret Kjartansson


Alan Griffith, Beverly Langseth, James Martin, Darryl Sjostrom, Curtis Tessman


Gavin Shaw, Barry Weinberg


Duane Nyman, Neal Pratt


Patti Hoban, Patricia Nadler, Vern Strand


Kay Aarness, Sharon Aberle, Stephen Abrams, Alan Anderson, John Angier, Mark Aronson, Marcee Atkin, Dennis Avery, Douglas Benson, Barbara Benson, Penne Berenberg, Susan Berstein, Neil Berthe, Arnold Bloomquist, Jean Bolton, Sandy Borer, Charles Bredemeier, Joan Broughton, Jane Bryan, Sandra Burnstein, Ann Cameron, Susan Chalfen, Peg Chase, MaryEllen Cichosz, John Clifford, Ed Curtiss, Lelia Dahlberg, Roger Davis, William Dempster, Gerald Donahue, Donna Dorn, Dorothy Douthitt, Kathleen Dovenberg, Douglas Dypwick, Sharron Ecklund, George Emerson, Marilyn Engelke, Donna Ericson, Joel Essig, Gerald Fingerman, Avery Finn, Terri Fisch, Janet Fredrick, Jeanette Frick, Rozella Gallati, John Gordon, Dennis Gosh, Roger Granberg, Gene Graves, Rhea Gurstel, Audrey Gustafson, Jerry Haeg, Sandra Hagen, Robert Harding, Ronald Herzog, Sandra Hinshaw, David Hobart, Gail Horovitz, Robert Humboldt, Susan Husney, Dorothy Ingebregtson, Nancy Jensen, Linda Johnson, William Johnson, Gerald Jones, Robert Kaires, Dale Kittleson, Julie Kjelwik, Gayle Kriv, Averill Kronick, Deanna Kunzelman, James Larson, Sharon Larson, Virginia Larson, Susan Leffler, Larry Leventhal, Peter Libby, Sharon Loehndorf, Judy Lohse, Karen Loven, Lois Marra, Jack Mayeron, Pamela McCauley, Michael McGraw, Diana Meister, Valerie Mellgren, Claude Mika, William Mikkola, Douglas Miller, Doug Mohn, Marilyn Moller, Bonnie Mowrey, Gail Mykleby, Barbara Nash, Sandra Nelson, Wayne Nispel, David Nitz, Suzanne Odean, Karen Suzie Olson, Karen Jane Olson, Stephen Pascoe, Joseph Patterson, Loanne Payne, Delores Peitso, Donald Peterson, Thomas Prin, Stephen Quade, Francis Rapp, Thomas Rempfer, Peter Rogers, Raleigh Rose, James Roth, Judith Row, Bruce Royce, Gerald Sachs, Paulette Salo, Vicki Schrock, Sharon Schugg, Eleanor Schunk, Perry Schwartz, Thomas Scott, Nancy Segal, Neil Sell, Bonnie Sewall,  Barbara Shourt, Bruce Siewert, Maurice Silver, Paula Snyder, Christine Stewart, William Stiehm, Harold Stoen, Leonard Stunick, Karen Swanson, Richard Tuthill, Robert Waataja, Bruce Weinard, Marlene Whaley, Margeret Whitehead, Sonja Wickland, Susan Winter, Stephen Winthrop, Marilyn Wise      


Neil Berthe, Linda Carlson, Rosemary Dietrich, Roger Davis, Douglas Dypwick, Kurt Falkman, Terri Fisch, Al Glorvigen, Sandra Hawkins, Linda Johnson, Gerald Jones, Deanna Kunzelman, James Larson, Pete Libby, Sharon Loehndorf, Claude Mika, Sandy Millar, Barbara Nash, Tony Nelson, Jerry Olson, Steve Quade, Tom Rempfer, Peter Rogers, James Roth, Sharon Schugg, Karen Swanson, Robert Waataja, Marilyn Wise


Mary Gale Mathiessen, Joan Ravitz


Gail Werner


Colleen Halloran


Geri Bartz


Barbara Cohen


Marry Conner, Wayne Deutscher, Charles Hollenbeck, Linda Kirkland


Nelson Tilman


Leslie Bick, Karen Johnson, Judith Payne, Ted Tosterud, Edward Winter


David Hyster, Sandra Nelson


Jacquelyn Carroll


Jane Dirksen, Kyrie Helseth, David McLean


Sheryl Eder, Elizabeth Erickson, Karen Koelfgen


Michael Askerman, Sheryl Eder, Lamont VanDover


Richard LaFontaine


Beatrice Anderson


Harlan Goodman, Bruce Hanson, Sharon Raygor


Dick Baehner, Rosemary Dietrich, David Evans, Dennis Flavin, Al Glorvigen, Jeffrey Jordan, Sandy Millar, Tony Nelson, Jerry Olson

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