St. Louis Park Class of 59 Biographies

Kay Aarness 
Kay graduated from the U of M with a BS in clothing design and was a cheerleader during the only two years that the Gophers went to the Rose Bowl.  She worked in the fashion office at Donaldson’s and then became the special events coordinator at Dayton’s.  Kay and George Iverson were married in 1968 and lived in upstate New York, Chicago and Houston before returning to Minnesota in 1982.  They have two daughters, Stephanie and Courtney (Coco) and one grandson.

During her daughters’ school years Kay was very involved with school committees, and she attended every field trip, concert, athletic event and recital.  These days she continues to work and has been at Nieman Marcus for 16 years.  For 25 years she’s played duplicate bridge with eleven good friends.  Kay says that reading, gardening and hoping to lose 10 pounds keep her going.

Steve Abrams 
Steve graduated from the U of M in 1963 with a BS in business.  He owns Chefs Classic, a food distribution company.

Steve and his wife Sheri have four children---Ali, Courtney, Ryan and Lindsay.  There are five grandchildren.  Steve says that he’s happy and enjoying life---both in Minnesota and in Miami during the winter months.

Alan Anderson
Alan attended the U of M, served in the Army Reserve, and returned to the U to complete his degree in business administration.  He’s worked for Gillette and Control Data and is now with Aon Risk Consultants, primarily involved in risk management/consulting.  With these companies he’s traveled throughout the states, enjoying the trips most when his wife Cheryl could accompany him.

Alan met Cheryl while he was working at the Gillette Company, and they have a daughter, Kimberly.  He worked with a local TV/radio broadcasting company for 18 years and has a longtime interest in radio nostalgia.  He collects and restores antique radios and memorabilia.  Other strong interests are his family, gardening, classic movies, traveling, cars and Cocker Spaniels.  He’s considering retirement but enjoys working with clients and learning how others make a living.

Ann Archer
Ann Archer died December 30, 1995 in Stockton, California where she resided.
She was a public relations officer for Stockton CETA program.  Ann received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota.  She previously taught school in Orlando, Florida.

Marcee Atkin
After graduation Marcee lived and worked in California before returning to Minnesota and graduating with honors from the school of social work at the U of M.  She married Dave Kain in 1981.  Marcee worked in banking and in 1983 earned her realtor’s license.  She worked in residential real estate and then in new construction and retired in 1999.

Marcee states that her passions are dogs, music, theater, art, baseball (especially the Twins) and interior design.  She plays a lot of bridge, travels when she can and is involved at several levels in getting Democrats elected.

Suzanne Bakken
Suzanne Bakken died April 15, 2002.  No additional information available.

Marshall Bank 
Marshall graduated from the U of M in business and accounting.  He married in 1962 and has three children and six grandchildren.  In 1982 Marshall was divorced.

He is currently married to Dianne, who has a daughter.  In 1993 they moved to Las Vegas, where Marshall took up tax accounting and became an enrolled agent.  In 2005 they moved to Tucson, and last year they purchased a second home in Park City, Utah.

Geri Bartz
Geri earned a master’s degree at Vanderbilt.  She is married to Al Iacoletti, and they live in Albuquerque, NM.

Barb Benson
Barb has three children---Amy, Kimberly and Eric.  There are four grandchildren and one great-grandson.

She has been retired for over four years and says she enjoys it more each day.  Barb loves the theater and is a regular for the Guthrie season and the annual series of Broadway shows.  She attends the Chanhassen Dinner Theater and the Old Log, too.  She has traveled extensively in the US and in much of Europe.  Barb’s a fan of the Twins and Vikings, and she enjoys gardening and her current dog, a Lhasa Apso named Belle.

Doug Benson
Doug received a BA at Carleton and then, along with Chuck Hollenbeck spent four years at the U of Chicago Divinity School, earning a BD.  Doug then worked for Playboy magazine for eight years; following that he turned to real life.  He’s worked as an editor for medical journals, Encyclopaedia Brittanica, consumer magazines, a software company and an environmental group.  This checkered career took him to Chicago, New York City and back to Minnesota, where he’s been kept busy for nearly two decades as a freelance book editor for self-published authors.  

He’ll probably never retire completely, but over the next several years Doug and his wife Joyce would like to spend less time working and more time doing volunteer work, traveling, reading, attending theater and concerts and reconnecting with good friends.  He plans to keep playing tennis and golf, too.

Merilyn Bergren
Merilyn attended the U of M.  She married Mike O’Shaunessy and they adopted a son, Kevin.  Merilyn & Mike lived near Lake Harriet for many years and they worked together in their graphic arts business.

In 1984 Merilyn & Mike were divorced.  Dave & Karen (Olson) Nitz fixed Merilyn up with a blind date: Bill Korstad!  The rest is history.   Merilyn moved to Chicago where she worked for Arthur Anderson.  When Merilyn and Bill moved to Boulder, Colorado she worked with Bill in his computer software business.  In Colorado they both enjoyed running, skiing, hiking, climbing and backpacking.  Merilyn climbed Mt. Whitney and completed the Chicago Marathon in 1993; she also won several age-group races.  

On October 11, 2000 Merilyn died of the complications of breast cancer.  The previous week 13 high school classmates visited Merilyn and celebrated her life with her:  Dick Olson, Dan Doherty, Karen Olson, Mary Conner, Marilyn Wise, Sandy Millar, Judy Row, Judi Copeland, Janet Ruble, Carole Clifford, Peg Chase, Deanna Kunzelman, Rosemary Dietrich, Patti Hoban and Merilyn’s husband, Bill Korstad.

Linda Berle
Linda Berle died October 30, 2000.
She was survived by her husband Herbert Weber.  He can be contacted at 2701 West County Road One, St. Paul, Minnesota 55112.  Phone 763-786-0442.

Neil Berthe
Neil and Marilyn have four children---Kim, Julie, Cindy and Jenny---and there are seven grandchildren.  Neil has worked in the candy and confectionary business for 45 years and has finally scaled back to three days a week.

Neil and Marilyn like to watch their grandchildren participate in their sports---soccer, baseball, softball---and other activities.  They spend as much time as possible at their cabin in Hilman, MN and are updating it.  Neil enjoys golfing and working on the cabin.

Les Bick
Les graduated from the U of M in 1964 and worked in the areas of real estate, investments and development while living in Minnesota, Georgia, California, Hawaii, Colorado and Oregon.  His wife Ellen is a co-broker and co-owner of their company, First West Realty, located in Portland.  They are un-retired.  Their son David is a corporate pilot, and their daughter Jackie is in college.

Les is a private pilot, and he’s also done glider flying, hang gliding, sky diving and para-gliding plus scuba diving and motorcycling.

John Bix
John recalls his ideal day soon after graduation:  It began with a doughnut from Palm’s Bakery, downtown shopping at Dayton’s, Donaldson’s, Powers and Penney’s, and then a root beer float at Joppa Drug and a burger at Underwood’s.   He bought a gift from Plantikow’s Florist to bring to a graduation dinner at Charlie’s and was pleased to see that the Weatherball was green.  After getting off the plane for the reunion he intends to ”go home with Cannon’ on “CCO” and wonders if anything will be the same except Beek’s Pizza.

Along with classmates Barry Weinberg, Paul Gooding and Dick Cummings, John received a law degree from the U of M in 1966.  He worked as a public defender in Minneapolis for 15 years before moving to the San Francisco bay area, home of his wife Cynthia.  He and Cynthia have a son, Max.  John’s   work is much the same---criminal defense.  He enjoys listening to jazz and is a casual collector of fine art photography.

Jean Bolton 
Jean attended St. Louis Park schools from kindergarten through ninth grade.  Her family moved to Minnetonka, and she graduated from Minnetonka High.  She attended some college and worked for many years as a secretary.  From 1989 to 2000 she was active in politics and ran for representative of her district for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

In 2000 Jean married and moved to California for four years, then divorced.  Starting this fall she plans to attend college and work toward a degree.

Sandy Borer 
Sandy attended St. Louis Park schools from kindergarten through 11th grade and then moved to Glencoe, where she graduated.  After graduation she traveled in the US, working for the Hearst Publishing Co. and selling magazines to businesses and doctors’ offices.  Returning to Minneapolis, she worked at St. Mary’s Hospital, got married and had three children, Sean Wendy and Terrence.  Divorced, she attended North Hennepin Junior College and worked for Butch Essig at Surfside on Lake Minnetonka.

In 1979 she married David Stuth, who had four children---Gordon, Kenton, Douglas and Brooke.  There are seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  Sandy has worked with the elderly for 20 years, and in 1996 she became a recreation specialist.  She retired a few months ago.

Linda Carlson
After a year at Iowa State Linda married Jon Radabaugh, class of 57.  They have three children---Jill, Julie and Jon---and five grandchildren.  Linda worked in the family business, did lots of volunteering and was very involved with the children’s activities.  Linda and Jon spend half the year in Florida with lots of golf, bridge and time with friends.  Summers are spent with the grandkids on Whitefish Lake.

Linda has a great collection of memories.  She and Neil Berthe were the marble champs at Lenox.  Kay Aarness and Peg Chase were Lenox friends, and lots of time was spent at Parkview Playground.  In junior high---many good times with Sandy Millar, Bruce Siewert and Mike Askerman at PF at Union Church  Linda’s first boyfriend was Ward Stevenson.  In senior high---slumber parties, dances, Hermits, basketball and football games, working with Mr. Loegering on the Echowan, with Mr. Alwin on “I Remember Mama”, glee club and band.  The 50’s were a great time to be a teenager.

Sue Chalfen
Susan attended the U of M, married in 1960 and had four children---two girls and two boys.  She has owned her own business, worked in the travel business and also at Dayton’s and Marshall Field’s for many years. Her current interests are hiking, biking, walking the lakes, spending time with friends and going to art shows and galleries.

In 1987 Susan married Dan Silvers.  They spend winters in Rancho Mirage, CA and have enjoyed traveling in Europe, Asia and India.  They most enjoy time with their ten grandchildren and their dog, Daisy.

Peg Chase
Peg and Bill Van Donsel live on nine acres near Big Lake.  Their children re Shawn, Brett and Keith Hazen and Jody, Tammy and Bill Van Donsel.  There are 13 grandchildren and two great-grandsons.  Peg’s life changed forever when her oldest daughter Shawn passed away at the age of 30.  Shawn died of melanoma, the worst kind of skin cancer.  Peg participates in the Minnesota Melanoma Awareness group which informs the public and high school students of the dangers of too much sun and tanning beds.  A scholarship in Shawn’s name is given each year to a student majoring in communications.

Peg has had numerous jobs, two of which were with the Plymouth Police Department and the Maple Grove Police Department.  Her last position was with the Elk River school district, coordinating bus transportation for all students and especially special education children.  She’s now retired and can be seen on the Elk River Golf Course.  She enjoys quilting, sewing and doing things with the many photos she takes of friends, family and wildlife.

MaryEllen Cichosz
While attending the U of M Mary Ellen was introduced to the worlds of market research and business.  Her first venture was a beauty shop in Hopkins, and her next enterprise was a market research firm which she still runs today.  Audrey Gustafson, Mary Ellen’s best friend from high school, worked for her from day one and still does.  She has also started a home health care business and has no intention of retiring.

Mary Ellen married Gerald Fischer, a farm owner from Sacred Heart, MN.  He passed away in 1998.  They had one son, Joseph, who lives in Las Vegas and is a professional gambler.  In her spare time Mary Ellen enjoys reading, spending time with friends and putting down an occasional bet through her son.

Janet Citrowski
Janet and her husband Paul Lems live in Canyon Country, CA.  They have two sons, Chad and Jason.  Janet is retired, and her favorite activity is golf.

Carole Clifford
Carole taught elementary school and has a master’s degree.  She and her husband, David Lyons, are at home in Conifer, Colorado in the summer and Naples, Florida in the winter.  They have two children, Tim and Karrie; both have doctorates.

Carole loves being with her 4-year-old twin granddaughters.  She writes books for them and says that they are the light of her life and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Mary Conner
Mary attended St. Olaf for two years and then transferred to the U of M for her degree in elementary education.  She taught in Minnetonka before marrying and moving to Spangdalam Air Force base in Germany where she taught, traveled and had her first child, David.  Mary’s second child, Debra was born in Minneapolis, and Mary divorced in 1976.  In 1985 she met and married Ed Murnane and moved to North Carolina.  At the age of 44 she had her third child, Danny.  He is now an ensign in the US Navy and studying to be a pilot, taking after his dad who is a retired Navy and Coast Guard pilot.  There are three granddaughters.

Mary states that she’s had a wonderful life, especially in the past 25 years.  She’s been a chapter advisor to Tri Delta sorority at Wake Forest University where she works with the president, faculty and collegiate women.  She loves getting together with her high school girlfriends and regrets that the group has lost two members, Merilyn Bergren and Nancy Gustafson.  Both are greatly missed.

Judi Copeland
Judi received a BA in English Literature from the U of M and married Park High classmate Dan Doherty in 1963.  They have three sons---Mike, Rich and Jon; daughters-in-law Leigh Ann, Beth and Julie, plus three grandchildren.  Mostly because of Dan’s Air Force career they moved 20 times.  Judi had many part time jobs and found a career with COLOR 1, work that utilized her interests in fashion, design, color and people.

Judi and Dan live in Colorado Springs.  She enjoys hiking, cooking, calligraphy, Mah Jongg, reading and her grandchildren.  As for favorite stories, the Dohertys never tire of family reminiscences and the recollection of times when fate stepped in and changed lives.

Ed Curtiss
Ed attended St. Louis Park schools from kindergarten through 11th grade, when his family moved to Kenwood.  He graduated from West High and attended Mankato State, receiving a BA in economics in 1964 and an MA in economics in 1970.  From 1965 to 1968 he served in the US Navy, performing two tours of sea duty in Vietnam.  Upon separation from active duty he continued in the naval reserve before retiring as a navy captain in 1990.  He’s worked for over 40 years in the construction industry, the last 20 years as vice president for sales and marketing for Knutson Construction Services.

Ed and his wife Diane have two daughters, Laura and Holly.  Ed remembers well the old, original Fern Hill School on Minnetonka Blvd. with Mr. Orlando Paske as principal.  When Ed and his classmates were in third grade they moved into the “new” Fern Hill on 26th St.  The children all brought a grocery bag to carry books and supplies as they walked two by two to the new school.

Robert Dahl
Robert Dahl died June 5, 2008.  No additional information available.

Lelia Dahlberg
Lelia earned a degree in education at the U of M and taught in Minneapolis and Slayton, MN.  She also held various sales and marketing positions along with homemaker and mom duties.  

Lelia married Bruce Hagen, and they have two children, Keith and Chris. They live in Florida and return to the Minneapolis area on weekends and in the summer.

Jim Dailey
Soon after graduation from Park High, Jim headed for the sea and started working as a commercial diver with marine biology experience.  He fell in love with the Cayman Islands and moved there in the early 60s.

Working there with his wife Barbara, Jim was a pioneer of the Cayman water sports industry. In 1967 he started Surfside Watersports, Grand Cayman’s first complete scuba diving and water sports center.  The family-friendly operation catered to residents and tourists, and Jim’s goal was to involve the entire family in water sports including diving, snorkeling, waterskiing, sailing, windsurfing and parasailing.  Jim hired and trained many young Caymanians in the diving and water sports industry who then went on to establish their own businesses.

Hazel Danz
After dealing with massive snowfalls that closed her 250-foot Waconia driveway three times in four days Hazel moved to Chicago and then westward to Orange County in southern California.  She works as an account manager for Verizon Wireless in Irvine.

Hazel has traveled outside the US many times and takes mini vacations at resorts and spas.  She enjoys gardening (mostly flowers), cooking, working out, and attending concerts, plays and movies.  She has a daughter, Stephanie.

Jim de Boom
Jim received his undergraduate degree from George Williams College in Chicago and a master’s degree in counseling from the University of Southern California.  He worked at YMCAs as a licensed marriage, family and child therapist.  He also taught marriage and family life classes at Golden West College in Huntington Beach.  In 1998 with his wife Barbara he started a new family business---the Event Office, which produced events such as the LA Garden Show and the Taste of Newport.   Jim’s current enterprise is the Association Management Office---he is the staff person for two non-profits.  He also leads trips to China and Israel.

Jim and Barbara were married in 1970.  She is the president and CEO of the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce.  They have two daughters, Stacy and Jodi, and one grandson.  In addition to China and Israel, Jim and Barbara have traveled to Europe, Costa Rica and Caribbean islands.

Bill Dempster
Bill moved from South Dakota to St. Louis Park during his sophomore year.  He recalls that it was an eye-opening experience, and the challenging educational program made college easier.  He earned a BA from the U of M–Duluth and enlisted in the US Army in 1963.  As a 2nd Lieutenant he served at multiple US bases and in Korea.  He joined the US Army Reserve in 1967, served for 28 years and retired as a Lt. Colonel.  After he finished his active duty military commitment he worked in the field of logistics, distribution and operations management for Pillsbury, Green Giant, JM Smucker, Land O’ Lakes, Viking Electric and Midwest Auto Parts Distributors.  He retired in 2006 and says that other than the economic downturn, it’s been wonderful.

Bill and his first wife Sharon had three children, Shawn, Jason and Michelle.  They divorced, and he has been married to Patricia for 20 happy years.  Favorite activities include children, grandchildren, home maintenance, golf, bridge, carpentry and friends.

Steve Desnick
At the U of M Steve earned a BA in Philosophy.  He began his career odyssey as a Mennen salesman in Wisconsin, selling Baby Magic and Skin Bracer.  Next he became a stock broker, then a real estate syndicator, and then a food broker.  Steve’s next enterprise was an imported car repair shop, and his final work was in commercial property ownership and management.  He retired in 1995.

Steve met his wife Pamela on a blind date, and they were married in 1981.  His main interests and activities are music, theater, sailing and travel.

Rosemary Dietrich
Rosemary’s career started with 18 months as a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines followed by 21 years with Wells Fargo, where she was hired by Al Glorvigen.  Over the years her family has hosted several exchange students from Guatemala, two of whom stayed for two years.  They’ve also enjoyed traveling, their dogs---three Westies and two Dachshunds (but not all at the same time) and family and friends.

Rosemary is married to Scott Crist, and there are four children---Rick, Mike, Steve and Angie.  In 2001 they sold their home in Minnetonka and built their retirement lake home on land farmed by Rosemary’s grandfather in Webster, WI.  They love their lake frontage and the serenity of the north woods.  Their children and eight grandchildren are there much of the summer.  Seven months of the year are spent in Florida with her family.

Jane Dirksen
Jane attended Macalester for two years and completed her degree at Parsons with a double major in political science and history.  She worked on Capitol Hill for a year, returned to Minnesota to marry Lee Smith and returned to Maryland where he worked for the Department of Defense as an Asian language translator.  Jane and Lee are parents of three:  Rebecca, Amanda, adopted in Korea, and Paul, who is deceased.  Jane taught school is Maryland and Korea for over 30 years and then went back to school for a master’s equivalency in education.

Jane and Lee have fought the empty nest syndrome by becoming involved in sponsoring young women and men from the U.S. Naval Academy and have kept in touch with all of them.  Their favorite retirement activity is travel, travel and more travel, both in and outside the U.S.

Dan Doherty			
In 1963 Dan graduated from St. Thomas and married Park High classmate Judi Copeland.  He joined the U.S. Air Force and served from 1963 until 1989.  He was awarded a master’s degree from the U. of Nebraska in 1977.  During those 26 Air Force years Dan and Judi lived in twenty different homes and had three sons:  Mike, Rich and Jon.  The Dohertys’ daughters-in-law — Leigh Ann, Beth and Julie — have given them three grandchildren.

Dan worked for I-Net from 1989 until his retirement in 1995.  He and Judi live in Colorado Springs and enjoy hiking, skiing, and visiting children and grandchildren. 

Doug Dypwick 
Doug has spent over 30 years in the automobile business.  He’s been the chairman/director of the Camp Confidence Fishing Classic for 15 years and works part time as a fishing guide.

Doug and his wife Vicki have two sons, Scott and Andy, and there are two grandchildren.

Sharron Ecklund
Sharron attended the U of M for two years and then moved to San Diego, where with three other girls she rented a duplex on the ocean at Mission Beach.  She returned to Minneapolis, became engaged to Greg Murphy, whom she had met through a friend at the U.  Sharron and Greg were married in 1965 and have two sons, Joe and Greg.

When her son Greg entered first grade at Turtle Lake Elementary School in the Mounds View school district, Sharron began her paraprofessional career at the same school.  She started as a behavior manager and then became administrative assistant to the principal, a position she held for many years.  Presently she does supervisory, clerical and instructional work with kindergarteners.  She’s thinking about retiring but says that the job and kids are great, and she hates to give it up.  She also enjoys golf, travel and time with family and friends.

Sheryl Eder
Sheryl attended Beloit College and the U of M, and in 1963 she married Doug Miller at Union Congregational Church.  They will be celebrating their 46th anniversary during the reunion.  Sheryl and Doug have four children:  Scott, Kimberly, Jennifer and Stephanie; all graduated from college and one has a master’s degree.  There are seven grandchildren.  In 1978 Doug, an engineer, took a job with Intel in Phoenix; in 1980 the Millers accepted a transfer to Austin, Texas, a great place for raising kids.  Sheryl was a school volunteer at all levels and the Brownie and Girl Scout leader for her daughters’ troops.

As a family the Millers traveled over most of the U.S., towing their tent trailer, a canoe and at least four bikes.  Sheryl and Doug now live in Blue Lake, TX where they play golf and bridge and continue to travel.  They take grandchildren over the age of four to Beaver Creek, CO for skiing, and the children’s parents usually join them.

Karen Erdman
Karen Erdman was killed as a result of a motorcycle accident in the 1960s.  No additional information is available. 

Joel “Butch” Essig 
Butch earned a BSB in business at the U of M and married a classmate, Karen Johnson.  He worked in management for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad and the Northern Pacific Railroad.  After the railroad merger in 1970 he became regional sales manager of the newly created Burlington Northern Railroad.  In 1973 Butch purchased The Surfside Restaurant/Marina on Cook’s Bay, Lake Minnetonka and enjoyed seeing many classmates there.  The restaurant was replaced by a deluxe 27-unit condo complex in 1985, and the boat storage and service business was moved to Watertown.  He founded the Minnetonka Zephyr Dinner Train in 1986; it was later sold to a partner.  Butch enjoys his work and has no plans to retire.

Butch and Sherry married in 1985, and there are seven in their combined family:  Heidi, Scott, Troy, Heather, Carrie, Charlie and Tim.  There are 16 grandchildren.  In addition to his work Butch enjoys Lake Minnetonka boating, Caribbean and Mediterranean cruising, downhill skiing, reading and political discussion.

Dave Evans
After high school Dave worked in the hotel business, served in the National Guard and then worked for Univac for ten years.  He started his own business in 1974 and for the past four years has been selling display fireworks components (not the explosives).

Dave married in 1972, and he and his wife adopted three children.  She died in 2001.  He took in several teenaged street people over the years and still helps people with chemical use-caused legal problems.  Dave enjoys theater, music and trips in his mini-motorhome and is currently restoring two antique motorcycles.  He’s recovering from two broken feet and hopes to be able to hike and ride his bike this summer.  He’s been transferring some of his 60s records to iPod and discs and enjoying reconnecting with schoolmates from so long ago.

Kurt Falkman
After serving in the U.S. Army from 1966 to 1968 Kurt received a degree in business from the U of M.  He worked as an auditor or accountant at the Cornelius Co., Blue Cross and the Hennepin County Medical Center until his retirement in 2003.  He was an HCMC Service League volunteer and board member until 2007.

Kurt and his wife Linda live in Edina and have three children:  David, Kimberly and Stacey, all living in the Minneapolis west suburban area.  His time is spent playing with grandchildren, reading, woodworking, and snorkeling during winter trips to Hawaii.  He has been singing in church choirs since 1946.

Jim Feiker
Jim attended the U of M and Mankato State, where he received a BA in sociology.  He studied counseling at South Dakota State and leader development at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena.  Jim and his wife Beverly live in Colorado Springs, and they have two children, Susan and Shae.

For 12 years Jim worked in student ministry for Navigators and then for 12 years as pastor of a church in Dayton.  He’s worked with mission leaders in cross cultural ministry for 12 years and has coached international leaders for nine years.

Steve Feltes
In the early 60s Steve dropped out of college and moved to New York City.  His working life was in the film business---running a repertory movie theater and working for and owning independent film distribution companies.  He partnered with Francis Ford Coppola’s company in 1980-81 to present a lost 1927 masterpiece “Napoleon” directed by Abel Gance.  The film was shown around the country with a live symphony orchestra.  From 1985 until 2007 Steve owned Evergreen Video, a mainly foreign and classic film video store in Greenwich Village.

Steve has two daughters, Kimberly Feltes and Rebecca Chaikin, and is married to classmate Suzanne Olson.  He observes that in many ways he hasn’t changed from his days at Park High.  He’s still a slightly crazy left wing infidel in love with books, music, movies, laughter and Suzie.  Recently Steve & Suzie cruised from Buenos Aires, around Cape Horn & the Straights of Magellan to Chile.

Jeff Fine
Jeff attended college for three years and was in the Air Force Reserve for eight years.  For fifty years he’s been involved in real estate investment, development and management.  Jeff and his wife Cheryl live in Phoenix, where he’s a residential neighborhood advocate.  They have a daughter, Nathalie.

Jeff’s interests include fishing and hand guns.  He has no plans to retire.

Jerry Fingerman
Jerry and Arlene Fingerman were married in 1961.  After the U. of M. they lived in Guatemala City where Jerry taught English.  Then he taught Spanish for a year at St. Catherine’s in St. Paul.  In 1965 Jerry went into the dry cleaning business, owning Pilgrim Cleaners near Southdale for 32 years.  He retired in 1997.

Arlene and Jerry collected antique pressing irons and eventually owned over 1,500 irons.  They traveled the world to add to their collection.  Currently they are Travelers Assistance volunteers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.   Jerry and Arlene have four children:  Jeanne, Judi, Jacki and Jim plus eight grandchildren, some already in college.

Joel Finne
Joel Finne died August 1, 2000.  No additional information is available.

Terri Fisch
Terry married Denny Anderson 46 years ago, and they have four children:  Jennifer, Jami, Jeff and Jason.  There are nine grandchildren.  Denny is in hospice at the Veterans Medical Center in St. Cloud.

Terry keeps busy with caring for their home, attending hockey games, dance recitals and school programs, and doing some babysitting for the grandkids.  Her faith and support from her family are very important to her.  The senior high tour is the only reunion event Terry will be able to attend, and she’s looking forward to seeing classmates there.

David Friedman
David received a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore with majors in both painting and sculpture. He was also, briefly, a Humanities major at the U of M. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Joan.   

Bleak, drab “cabin fever” winters generated in David a hearty appetite for bright, pure color and radiant warmth.  His early art explored geometric interlacements and optical illusions.  He’s done a lifelong exploration of color theory, optics, perception and the nature of light.  David is also a graphic designer and has created dynamic educational exhibits and interactive displays for children’s museums and signage systems for hotels and airports.  He’s currently animating his paintings and creating short animated abstract videos which can be seen on YouTube.

Al Glorvigen
Along with Dave Hobart, Al Griffiths and Dick Olson, Al attended Macalester and graduated in 1963 with a BS in business administration.  He served in the Army Reserve from 1963 to 1969.  Al worked for Home Savings from 1964 until 1981 and continued in the mortgage business with Insilco and Miller-Schroeder until 1988.  Since then he’s been self-employed as a property manager and more recently as a modular home builder in Webster, WI.  Al and his wife Mary have been married since 1990, and their combined families include four children---Al’s Christopher and Jennifer and Mary’s Jennifer and Steven.  There are nine grandchildren.

Al and Mary moved to their lake home in 1999, and soon after they founded Heart of the North Homes.  At the 40th reunion they discovered that Rosemary Dietrich Crist and her husband Scott were building a home about three miles away.  Al says that they love doing “lake stuff” all summer and the weather of southern Florida in the winter.

Paul Gooding
Now that they’re retired, Paul and Nancy Gooding are very involved and productive Phoenix volunteers.  Paul’s favorite is tutoring math to middle school students at the Gila River Indian Reservation.  He’s on the boards of the Phoenix Salvation Army and the Phoenix Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center.  He’s also a Master Gardener and is active in encouraging valley residents to use low water vegetation.  In addition, he’s chairman of a church group that prints and ships Braille bibles to children all over the world.

Paul and Nancy met at St. Olaf and married in 1965. They had two children, Matthew and Michael.  Michael died in 1993. Paul received a law degree from the U of M in 1966 and started work as a lawyer but switched to business, which he said was more fun.  He retired as VP, treasurer and chief investment officer of a life insurance and asset management company.

Harlan Goodman
For Harlan it seems like only a blink of time since Park High graduation.  In 1965 he received a degree in physical education and recreation from the U of M and moved to Kansas City, where he began is career as a manufacturer’s rep and regional manager for women’s clothing.  In 1978 he moved to San Francisco, where he was sales manager for a clothing company.  He traveled extensively to Asia and lived there four months a year---a great experience for a midwesterner.  He was involved in merchandising and designing the clothing as well as selling to major US stores.  He’s now the northwest regional manager for a women’s shirt company.  His area includes Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Alaska.  He enjoys his work and doesn’t plan to retire in the near future.

Harlan has four children---Michael, Wendy, Matthew and Jeremy.  He now lives in Ridgefield, Washington with his wife Mary.  He works out at a gym twice a week and enjoys running.  At age 65 Harlan ran the Portland Marathon with his son Matthew.  He’s looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Roger Granberg 
Roger graduated from the U of M and then served in the US Army.  He and his wife Ruth have three sons---Mitchell, Ben and Andrew, and there are three grandchildren.

Roger worked as a trader in the otc (over the counter) stock market and retired in 2001.  He enjoys traveling with Ruth, hunting, managing a farm in western Minnesota and spending time with the grandchildren.

Alan Griffiths
Alan earned a BA from Macalester in 1963 and a MSW from the University of Illinois in 1966.  For 30 years he worked as the director of several outpatient mental health centers.  He has also run inpatient adolescent services and had a private practice for 27 years.  He’s done retirement planning for a division of Citigroup and currently works part time doing mental health assessments at Edward Hospital in Naperville, IL.

Alan and his wife Diana have two children, Richard and Kimberly.

Audrey Gustafson
Audrey graduated from Rodgers and Benner Beauty School in Minneapolis and worked full time as a hair stylist until she married Carl Petersen in 1962.  They have three children---Brian, Jay and Julie, and there are six grandchildren.  Audrey worked part time as a hair stylist while raising the children.  For 30 years she’s worked as an interviewer for Fischer Research, the market research firm started by classmate Mary Ellen Cichosz.  Audrey and Mary Ellen have been best friends for over 50 years.

Audrey and Carl love to travel, and they’ve been to several states, including Hawaii.  In 1983 they went to Denmark and Sweden to visit many relatives there.  They also enjoy cruises.  In her spare time Audrey watches game shows and the Cooking Channel, and she enjoys board games with friends and family.  She loves garage sales and is a great bargain hunter.

Nancy Gustafson
Nancy was born in Minneapolis and grew up in St. Louis Park.  She attended Gustavus Adolphus College and received a bachelor’s degree in education in 1963.  She taught for a year and then married Clayton Peterson on November 30, 1963 at Lutheran Church of Good Shepherd in Edina. 
The couple moved to Liberia, West Africa, then returned to the United States and lived in St. Anthony, Minnesota for three years.  Next, they moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where she attended University of Nebraska and received a Master’s Degree in reading.  They then moved to Cambridge, Minnesota before coming to Long Prairie in 1997.
While in Cambridge, Nancy taught in Braham and Cambridge-Isanti schools.  She also taught at Anoka-Hennepin.  In Long Prairie, she was the reading coordinator for Long Prairie-Grey Eagle school district.  
She was a member of American Lutheran Church, Prairie Arts Center, International Reading Association, Minnesota Education Association, ARC Retreat Center in Stanchfield, and The Refuge, Cambridge.  She helped start the Faith Community in Cambridge, and was a member of the Cambridge City Council.
Nancy Gustafson died at age 59 on February 2, 2001 at St. Cloud Hospital.  She was a resident of Long Prairie, Minnesota.
Sandy Hagen
Sandy’s first job was in St. Louis Park’s Central Junior High, where she worked as a secretary in the counselor’s office.  She next worked in a small St. Louis Park office and retired when her first son was born.  During the ‘80s   she and a friend opened The Apple Barrel, a handcrafted gift store in Wayzata.  Next she moved into the corporate world and has worked at Cargill for 23 years.

Sandy has two sons, John and Brian.  Her main hobby for the past 20 years has been dancing, especially to country music.  It’s been a great source of exercise, fun and friendships.  Sandy also golfs and bikes in the summer and snowshoes in the winter.  She has traveled to Europe a few times.  Her all-time favorite trip was to Greece, and the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a well-remembered destination, too.

Colleen Halloran
Colleen married Jack Decelles, and they have two sons, Jack and Derek.  The Decelles’s home is in Closter, NJ.

Colleen has been a music teacher for 35 years.  She loves her work and doesn’t plan to retire.

Bruce Hanson
Bruce has been married since 1969 to his wife Judy whom he met while both were employed by the Department of Defense Overseas Schools at Incirlik AFB in Adana, Turkey. They moved to Seattle and enjoyed raising two sons. One son lives in Seattle and the other in Scottsdale AZ.  In 1997 Bruce retired after a career as a school psychologist in the Seattle suburbs. 

Bruce & Judy then moved to Blaine, WA  (just across the border from Vancouver, B.C.) where they enjoy watching pileated woodpeckers and American goldfinch. Their winter home is in Green Valley, Arizona where they enjoy observing quail, doves, and lizards.  Hiking, reading, politics, international affairs, and world travel are Bruce’s pursuits.  Tenting on the Serengeti Plains and hiking and snorkeling on the Galapagos Islands have been two of their most interesting nature trips.

Sandy Hawkins
Sandy reflects on 50 years---so long a time passing by in one happening at a time.  She and Tom Rempfer just celebrated 46 years of marriage.  Sandy attended college for three years. She didn’t have a career outside the home but loved raising three children and now four grandchildren; all live nearby.  For Sandy children are the rainbow, and she agrees with Carole Clifford that grandchildren are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The Rempfers spend a lot of time at their cabin up north and 4 ½ months a year at the Florida cabin.  They love to travel, too.  Sandy is saddened by the deaths of parents and friends during the past 50 years, and her heart goes out to classmates who have lost spouses or children.  She’s looking forward to seeing all at the reunion and hopes that the name tags are printed in large letters.

Sandra Hinshaw
Sandra attended Bethany Fellowship Missionary Training Center in Bloomington for two years, and in 1962 she went to the Worldwide Evangelization Crusade headquarters in Ft. Washington, PA, spending 11 months in language study in Portugal preparing to serve as a missionary in Portuguese Guinea, W. Africa.  However, the country became closed to new missionaries, and Sandra returned home.  Sandra’s business career has been in public transportation in Roseau and Lake of the Woods counties.  She’s on the board of directors of the Four Seasons Senior Center and FAR North Transit.

She married Richard Otto in 1964, and they have three children:  Stacy, Todd and Bert.  The Ottos enjoy retirement, visiting grandchildren and traveling with their motor home.  Sandra’s high school memories include being in the marching band, the round band room, the band concert with Barbara Cohen playing “Rhapsody in Blue”, the Surfbelles, the Parkettes, and the senior breakfast at the Leamington Hotel.

Patti Hoban
Patti graduated with a BS from St. Cloud in 1963.  She moved to Michigan and taught 10th grade English and speech, a job she totally loved.  She married in 1965 and in 1968 she quit teaching and moved to a lake in suburban Detroit to raise three kids---Doug, Kelly and Kate.  There are three grandchildren.  After 35 years Patti and her husband divorced.

Patti plunged into the world of travel and has fished for piranha in the Amazon River and gone on to the ruins of Machu Pichu in Peru---her best trip ever.  Greece, France, Italy, London, Bangkok and northern Africa have been destinations as well.  She worked part time as a paralegal for ten years and is now retired.  She and her partner Doug spend winters in Phoenix and summers in the Detroit area.  She’s been an avid golfer for 40 years and enjoyed golfing with classmates Doug Benson, Charlie Hollenbeck and Vern Strand in Michigan last year.  Recent mini-reunions with female classmates have made her realize that our class is the best ever.

Dave Hobart
Dave earned a BA from Macalester in 1963 and a MAT from St. Thomas in 1971.  He has worked at a variety of jobs:  technical director at the Edith Bush Theater, a State Farm claims adjuster, an assistant to city planners, a soldier in Germany, a teacher in Mexico and a manager for a small electronics company.  He returned to Minneapolis as an inspector for the city until his retirement in 1998---not a day too soon, Dave adds.  The Hobarts have been spending winters in Oaxaca, Mexico for the past ten years and will continue to do so.

Dave and Carol Foxworth were married in 1963, and they have a daughter, Miriam.  Dave’s interests are travel, photography, yoga, ethnic foods and lots of time with his and Carol’s only grandchild.

Bill Hollenbeck
Bill taught English and philosophy in secondary schools in Chicago from 1963 until 1999 and in Asheville, NC from 1999 until 2009.  He’s now retired.

Gail Horovitz
Gail went to the U of M for two years, and then she and Marilyn Lott moved to San Francisco to work and become residents.  Marilyn attended and graduated from Berkeley; Gail moved back to Minnesota to help her family at Bernie’s Deli and get married.

Gail and Gerry Frisch have been married for 45 years, and they have three sons---Mark, Jason and Loren.  One of Gail’s daughters-in-law will be on the cover of the Minnesota Monthly magazine in September.  Gail played slow-pitch baseball for five years and doubles tennis for 15 years.  She went to the tennis Nationals three times, and her baseball team won the Bloomington League with all her team’s players over the age of 30.  Gail pitched.  Currently she dabbles in bridge and other games and declares that life is good.

Bob Humboldt
Bob and Joyce Humboldt married the day after he received his MBA from the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.  Bob’s undergraduate degree is from Dartmouth as well.  Bob took a job with American Oil, and their first home was in St. Louis Park.  Following a transfer to Kansas City, Bob and Joyce returned to Minnesota, moving to Plymouth and then to a house on Maxwell Bay in Orono.  He is president and owner of Poly-Foam, Inc.

Bob and Joyce have three daughters, Sue, Karen and Tricia, and seven grandchildren.  They enjoy golf, tennis and boating on Lake Minnetonka.  Bob runs two to three hundred miles a year.  During the 70s and 80s he and Doug Benson reunited their Park High tennis doubles team and won some local tournaments.

Susan Husney 
Susan graduated from the U of M with a degree in theater.  She owned the Give My Regards To shop for 26 years, and after selling it she became an event planner.  Last year she started, an enterprise in keeping with her love of dogs.

Susan and Norton Gray have been married for 45 years and have four children:  
Jeff, Scott, Jennifer and Ben.  There are seven grandchildren and one on the way.  Susan’s hobbies are reading, needlepoint and cooking.

Rick Ilstrup
After high school graduation Rick worked, went to school, finally got serious and married classmate Judy Miller in 1967.  He spent the next 36 years working in sales and sales management positions for United Fruit Co., Burroughs Corp., USM Corp. and Woodstream Corp., with which he traveled the US in various positions as the designated infielder of the sales group.  The Ilstrups lived in Atlanta, Jacksonville and Kansas City, and they returned to Minneapolis in 1982.

Rick and Judy have two children, Greg and Margaret.  Upon retirement in 2004 they moved to a new golf community in Ft. Myers, FL.  Rick loves to read and is also involved with some organizations’ boards and committees.  He attends the Twins’ spring training games in Ft. Myers.

Nancy Jensen
Nancy and Chuck Mykleby (class of 58) were married in October, 1959, so they’ll be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary soon after our reunion.  Nancy and Chuck have three children:  Scott, a colonel in the Marine Corp. and a cobra helicopter pilot; Lisa, a stay at home mom, and Mark, also a Marine Corp. colonel and a F18 jet fighter pilot.  There are five grandchildren.

Nancy worked to put Chuck through college, raised the three kids, worked again and retired because of breast cancer.  In their retirement the Myklebys have traveled within the US and to Europe several times.  Chuck had a serious heart attack in 1997, and in 2007 was diagnosed with mesothilioma cancer, the result of exposure to asbestos when he was in the Navy during the ‘60s.  It is an incurable lung cancer, and Nancy asks that he be kept in prayers.  They still feel that life is good and have many wonderful memories.

Barry Johnson
Barry attended St. Cloud State College and graduated from the U of M.  After graduation he was employed by IBM in Minneapolis. He was transferred to Des Moines where he married and had 2 daughters. The marriage ended in divorce.  IBM transferred Barry to Denver where managed the Rocky Mountain Flats account for IBM.  In Denver, Barry married Amelia Buchanan, an attorney for the State of Colorado and the daughter of a former mayor of Denver. 

Barry died from complications of rheumatoid arthritis in 1997.  His Denver funeral was attended by former Park High classmates; Dan and Judy (Copeland) Doherty, Carole Clifford Lyons, Dick Olson and Bill & Merilyn (Bergren) Korstad.

Linda Johnson
Linda graduated from the U of M with a degree in special education and taught in California, Bremerhaven, Germany, Maryland and Denver.  While in California she met Ron Branish, a Naval officer; they later married and moved to Denver, a decision they’ve never regretted.  Linda and Ron have three sons---Todd and twins Mark and Scott.  There are eight grandchildren.

In 1985 Linda returned to work at an alternative high school for at-risk adolescents.  After 15 years she retired to do some grandma day care and community volunteer work.  As board president she led the fund raising and building of the Anchor Center, a preschool designed and built for visually impaired children.  Her additional interests are golf, tennis, skiing, travel and a great meal.

Jeff Jordan
Jeff moved to Wisconsin in the 60s and began a 35-year career in packaging sales and marketing.  He and his wife Maria now live with their dog Lucy in Milwaukee where she is the manager of the Charles Allis and Villa Terrace art museums.  Their eight children are Brad, Todd, Mary Jo, Sean, Stacy, Ryan, Tom and P.J.; there are seven grandchildren.

Jeff’s current serious interests are in writing, video, photography and community service.  He wonders if any of the guys who rode horseback with him on the last day of classes are still in touch---and if any can remember why they did it.

Barb Kalos
Barb had a lifelong love of classical ballet and was a trained pianist.  She also loved to bake, but mostly she loved her family and worshipped the time she spent with her grandchildren. Barbara Kalos died unexpectedly November 29, 2008 one day prior to her 67th birthday.
Shelly Katz
Shelly married his high school sweetheart Pam in 1959, and this year they’ll celebrate their 50th anniversary.  During those years Shelly and Pam have celebrated the births of three children---Kimberly, David and Steven---and six grandchildren.  They have been blessed with their family and will continue their journey of love and dedication.

Shelly writes:  Life is a journey to the end with those you cherish most!  Your journey has a beginning, middle and end.  Where the middle is the riddle, perhaps best unknown at least until we get to the end.  As a great poet once said, enjoy the journey for the end will come.  That is my story; I have enjoyed the journey.

Kaija Kayhty
Kaija’s year as an exchange student from Finland gave direction to years that followed.  She returned to America and achieved her B.A. at Wheaton College in Illinois.  For many years she worked for a Finnish Lutheran weekly.  She translated and edited many books and interpreted speakers from English to Finnish. She worked for five years in Germany and for shorter times in African and Asian countries and in Israel.

Nine years ago she visited her host family and went to the St. Louis Park high school football field to watch the graduation ceremony for the class of 2000.

Linda Kirkland
Linda married Ward Anderson in 1962.  They have four children---Pamela, Susan, Mark and David, and there are four grandchildren.  The family lived in Bloomington, Columbus, IN and on Gideons Bay, Lake Minnetonka, where they stayed for 25 years.  Linda worked as a secretary on the U of M’s St. Paul campus and then in personnel for Green Giant in Chaska.  After Pillsbury and Green Giant merged she worked as a personnel assistant in downtown Minneapolis.

After his retirement in 1997 Linda and Ward moved to Flat Rock, NC, located between Greenville and Asheville.  They play golf and enjoy hiking in the mountains of western North Carolina.  They travel to Idaho and Minnesota to visit children and grandchildren.

Dennis Knox
Dennis was a retired longtime employee of Honeywell.   Also, he was an active member of the Teamsters Union and of the Masons.
Denny was a good friend, devoted husband, and proud father who enjoyed some of his best times at the lake with his wife Cathy.  He passed away at age 68 on June 3, 2009.  He was a resident of Brooklyn Park. He was preceded in death by his wife Catherine; parents, Arthur and Irene; sister, Suzie.    

Margret Kjartansson
Margret returned to Iceland in 1959 and was a stewardess for Icelandair until 1965, when her first daughter was born.  She worked in her family’s business until her retirement in 2001.  Marget has kept in close touch with her St. Louis Park AFS family, the Lenmarks, and has visited Minneapolis several times.

She and her husband Ingo Arnason have two daughters, Hrefna and Erna; there are three grandchildren.  During the winter months Margret and Ingo enjoy life in Orlando, FL.

Julie Kjelwik
Julie graduated from the college of education at the U of M and taught preschool or elementary classes for several years.  She worked as a preschool director for 13 years and then as a support staff member for the Hennepin County Library system, retiring in 2003.

Julie is married to Ken Brokl, and they have two sons and several grandchildren.  Julie and Ken have lived in their Bloomington home since 1965.  They enjoy traveling, especially to Europe to connect with Julie’s many cousins in Norway.

Bill Korstad 
After graduating from the U of M in 1963 Bill took a job with Sears.  He held positions in system development, strategic planning and business development and eventually moved to Chicago.  In 1986 he left Sears to start the first of several software companies; he sold the last one in 2007.  He moved to Boulder in 1994 and to Denver in 2005.  During that period Bill had several USAID assignments in Eastern Europe, the Caucuses and North Africa, bringing American business practices and expertise to post-Communist countries in those regions.  Since 2007 he has had humanitarian projects in Congo and Burkina Faso.

Bill married Dorothy Coleman in 1963; they were divorced in 1983.  He married classmate Merilyn Bergren in 1986; she passed away in 2000.  In 2002 he married Judy Johnson Brewer; between them they have four children and five grandchildren.  They enjoy travel, their grandchildren, volunteering, entertaining, reading and taking classes at local universities.  Bill still runs and hikes.

Gary Kravetz
Gary attended the U of M for two years and then moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA where he earned a BS and MS in engineering.  He worked for Hughes Aircraft for 15 years and then started his own aerospace engineering company.

Gary and his wife Mary Lou have two daughters, Laura and Elizabeth.  In 1993 they moved to Santa Barbara where Gary started a technical and biotech recruiting company which he sold in 2006.  He currently does volunteer work for several nonprofit boards and gives free consulting to startups and small businesses through SCORE and Tech Coast Angels.

Averill Kronick
Averill is a filmmaker and produces documentary, industrial, training and corporate image films.  He has made films in over 40 countries and recently received a CINE Golden Eagle award for a film produced for Hazelden on chemical dependency treatment.  In 1983 Averill and Perry Schwartz produced an IMAX film, Faces of Japan.

Anne Marie and Averill have been married for 43 years.  He has ridden the Iron Man bike ride (64 miles) every spring for the past ten years, and he and Anne Marie enjoy bicycling vacations.  Their favorite was a week in Ireland riding the Connemara peninsula.  They have two children, Alex and Adrienne, two grandsons and Oliver, a Portuguese Water Dog.

MaryLou Kuhn
MaryLou Kuhn died March 12, 2002 at age 61 in Lakeville, Minnesota.  She battled kidney disease from a very young age and in the 1960s was the first recipient of a kidney transplant at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park.
In 1989 she served as Co-Chair of the National Kidney Foundation.  Her greatest joys in life were her family, children, grandchildren and flower gardening. 
Jim Kumpula
Jim earned his degree in education at the U of M and did his student teaching under Roy Griak, his high school track coach.  In 1963 he became a phy. ed. teacher in Princeton, MN.  He married Judy Lund in 1959, and they had two children, James, jr. and JoEllen.  They moved to Hopkins when Jim started working at General Mills with his longtime friend Don Peterson.  They learned of an Australian program which paid professionals to move and work there, and in 1970 the Kumpulas moved to Sydney. 

Jim and Judy divorced, and he later married Usha Charin from New Zealand.  They moved to London to teach and then lived in St.Louis Park, a few blocks from where he had grown up.  They had two children, Charis and Colin.  Jim began his career in the trucking industry.  They moved to Auckland, NZ in 1983.  Jim had a congenital heart disorder, and he passed away from heart failure in October, 1992.  For his outstanding track and field successes Jim will be inducted into Park High’s Hall of Fame in September 2009.

Deanna Kunzelman
After graduation Deanna headed for Welcome Week at the U of M and was chosen freshman queen.  The following spring she and Kay Aarness tried out and were elected cheerleaders.  Carole Clifford was chosen as a pom pom girl, and the three traveled with the Golden Gophers to the Rose Bowl game in January, 1961.  After two years at the U Deanna interviewed for a position with Eastern Airlines  (as a stewardess, as they were then called) and was based in Washington, D.C. for a couple of years.

Deanna met her husband, Jerry Bergenbring, working at the Knollwood Red Owl.  They’ve been married for 46 years and have four children and six grandchildren.  They moved to Rockford in 1978 and opened Jerry’s Red Owl, a long-held dream of his.  It was definitely a family business, and the whole family worked there, always on holidays.  The Bergenbrings have a geodesic dome cabin near Spooner, WI, not far from Jerry and Sandy (Millar) Olson and Scott and Rosemary (Dietrich) Crist.  Deanna has many happy memories from her years at Park High and looks forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Rick LaFontaine
Rick graduated from St.Thomas in 1964 and accepted a commission in the Air Force.  During his 24-year Air Force career he was stationed in England, Germany and Thailand.  He returned to Utah in 1988 and then worked for the LDS Church as a distribution center manager for their welfare program and later as a grain broker.

Rick married Delores Anderson (class of 62).  They had two children, Laura and Michael, and were divorced in 1980.  In 1981 he married Janelle Tingley, mother of two sons, Brian and Jonathan.  Rick and Janelle adopted Alex and Caitlin, two special needs children.  Rick’s favorite activities are family and travel to warm destinations like Aruba and Hawaii.  During his Park High years Rick was a car nut and loved to drag Lake St. and Central Ave.  Since then he’s owned many classic Mustangs and Fords and currently has a 600HP late model Mustang Cobra that he shows and races.

Ginny Larson
Ginny looks back and recalls fifty years of joys and challenges.  After graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College she taught in Robbinsdale while saving money to travel.  Ginny then traveled for a year---from the Arctic Circle in Norway to Egypt on $5 a day.  She returned to St. Louis Park, married and had two sons, Steven and Michael.  Ginny and her former husband then lived in Asia for four years where they worked in refugee camps for Vietnamese boat people.  Working for the Red Cross and the UN High Commission for Refugees they created a school for 800 refugee children in Hong Kong.  Returning to the states in the mid ‘80s, Ginny began teaching sixth grade in Minneapolis and earned a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

Now retired from teaching, Ginny is a life coach specializing in laughter.  She still enjoys travel and being with her two grandchildren. Her partner is Mary Lou Hoff.  Ginny is a volunteer tutor for adult learners in the English Language Center at the old St. Louis Park Junior High.  Every time she enters the building she remembers going up the steps for the first time as a seventh grader.

Larry Leventhal 
Larry graduated from the U of M with a degree in psychology and then earned a JD degree from the U of M law school.  His legal practice has focused on representation of Indian tribes, American Indian organizations, civil rights issues, litigation and small business.  He has represented a number of Indian tribes regarding land claims, treaty rights, hunting and fishing rights and tribal casino operation.  A number of civil cases handled by Larry have secured redress for government wrongdoing and police brutality, and he represented Indian schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul in three federal lawsuits that secured reinstatement of funds that had been cut off.  He is currently one of the attorneys representing RNC8 defendants on charges stemming from opposition to the 2008 Republican National Convention, initially charged as conspiracy to riot in support of terrorism.

He has taught law related courses at the U of M, Hamline law school, College of St. Scholastica and Northland College and has authored several articles in legal journals.  Larry has one daughter.  He partially owns and operates Wilderness Campgrounds in Pine County, MN and has a lake home there.

Pete Libby
Soon after graduation Pete began working as an electric fork lift mechanic for an industrial truck dealer.  The company was growing rapidly and needed management and sales people, so Peter went to night school at the U of M for training in both areas.  For four years it was a challenge to work all day and hurry to the U for more work, but Pete succeeded in achieving a management position and spent 20 years with the company.  In 1980 the Libbys moved to their lake home near Brainerd and Peter started his own business, doing new construction, installing heating, plumbing and air conditioning systems.  His oldest son now runs the business.

Pete is divorced and has two sons, Adam and Erik.  After all the 12 to 14 hour days he loves retirement and spends time boating, traveling and puttering in his shop like any “old” mechanic.

Karen Lindborg
Karen graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1963 with a BA in English/speech education.  She taught junior high level English in the Centennial and Robbinsdale districts for 18 years and later served as  a church education director and taught English as a second language for a private company.  Karen was first married in 1963, had one son and was divorced in 1974.  She married Chuck Jonaitis in 1978, and they combined their families.

Through the years Karen has been heavily involved in church activities and has enjoyed gardening, golf and needlework as well.  Travels have been to China, Europe, Mexico and through the American Southwest.  She’s currently taking conversational Swedish lessons and serving on a community landscape committee developing a pilot program to implement water harvesting and the use of desert adapted plants.  She and Chuck are also docents at a desert nature and culture park where they lead tours and work in the propagation area.

Judy Lohse
Judy graduated from Mankato State in 1963 with a degree in English and received a master’s degree in English from Augsburg.  She taught in Shakopee for 35 years and was also the cheerleading adviser.  In addition she coached and judged debates and speech contests at her school and statewide.  She has wonderful memories of the staff and students she worked with.

Judy has one son, John, and two granddaughters.  Following her retirement  and for the past eight years Judy has lived in an assisted living facility due to multiple sclerosis.  She gets around in a custom motorized wheelchair and is a weekly volunteer in a gifted students’ class in a Hopkins elementary school.  She is a loyal Twins fan and goes to games by medivan.

Judy Lohse Wedin’s address is 5300 Beacon Hill Rd. #301, Minnetonka, MN 55345.  Her phone number is 952/988-8940, and she will return your calls.

Sharon Loehndorf
Sharon graduated from the U of M in 1963 with a degree in history.  She taught in Minneapolis and Edina and retired in 1995.  Sharon married Jim Garner in 1968, and they have two daughters, Amy Elise and Alison.  There are five grandchildren.

Sharon and Jim live on a farm in rural Aitkin County.  They no longer have animals but continue to garden.  Sharon’s memories of Park High are very positive---especially those of band and the yearbook staff.

Marilyn Lott
Marilyn Lott is deceased (date unknown).
She was survived by her two children and husband Ehud Kala.
Marilyn attended the University of Minnesota and the University of Strasbourg in France.  She previously lived in Israel, where she was the managing editor of Development Techniques Magazine.
Nancy Loven
Nancy Ann Loven was born September 21, 1941, in Minneapolis to Marvin and Irene (Greene) Loven. She grew up in the metro area and St. Louis Park.  She worked as an LPN after completing her education. Nancy was united in marriage to Sidney Johnson in December of 1961, in Minneapolis. 
The family moved to Staples, where Sid taught at Staples Vo-Tech. Nancy was a devoted mother and homemaker while her children were at home. She enjoyed cooking, baking, and gardening. She was an active member of Faith Lutheran Church. As her family grew up, she began working as a day care provider at Staples Vo-Tech. Just before the accident that was to change her life, Nancy had achieved teacher certification. In 1990, Nancy sustained irreversible injuries in an auto accident, and subsequently spent time in hospitals, rehab units, nursing homes, and assisted care facilities. Despite these challenges she continued to be a loving mother. 
Nancy Loven died May 10, 2004 in Foley, Minnesota at age 62.
Lynn Mattis
Lynn graduated from Hardin-Simmons College in Abilene, Texas.  He married St. Louis Park High School classmate Rosemary Dietrich.  They were divorced.
Lynn worked as Managing Director for Paul Robey and Associates, an industrial tools company and was a life member of St. Anthony Gun Club.  He and his wife lived in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.
At age 58 Lynn died August 9, 1999 in a motorcycle accident in Walden, Colorado.
Lois Marra
Lois is happy to be included as an honorary member of the classs of 59.  She attended St. Louis Park schools until her sophomore year, when her family moved to the Chicago area.  They returned to Minnesota and Lois graduated from Edina High.  In 1963 she graduated from Iowa State University and worked in retail and advertising before marrying Dean Cheever.  They had two children, Eric and Shannon, and there are three granddaughters.  Lois and Dean divorced and she returned to work in retail and also earned paralegal certification.  She then worked at United Health Care as a subrogation analyst, retiring in 2008.  During this time she met and married Orv Larson, who passed away in 2004.

Lois now enjoys her time working a few hours a week, riding and showing her horse, golfing, kayaking, reading, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Jim Martin
Jim graduated from St. Cloud State with a degree in phy.ed. and history.  He worked for 27 years as a manufacturer’s rep and for 16 years as district sales manager for Amsted industries.  He also coached high school hockey and diving and college tennis.  Jim’s wife is named Patricia.  

Jim has three daughters, Missy, Becky and Jamie.  He was involved with their gymnastics and diving at the college and national levels.  Jim raises, trains and shows Border Collie sheep dogs.

Pam McCauley
Pam and classmate Len Stunick have been married for 47 years, and they’ve lived in Apple Valley for most of that time.  They have two children, Lori and Brian, and there are four grandchildren.  Pam and Len spend as much time as possible with them.

Pam is retired but wonders if a woman is ever really retired.  She and Len are looking forward to the reunion, and she added that this time, the “seniors” will truly be first.

Diana Meister
In September, 1959 Diana entered Northwestern Hospital School of Nursing, and she graduated as an R.N. in 1962.  In 1975 she became a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, and in 1985 she earned a B.A. in Health Care Administration from Ottawa University in Kansas City.  From 1962 until 2006 she worked at Abbott Northwestern Hospital as an R.N. in labor and delivery and as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  One of the highlights of her career was participating on the anesthesia team for Mary Lund, the first female artificial heart recipient.  She has been active in the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists as an officer and director at both state and national levels.

Diana and her husband Gerry have a blended family of five children:  Leanne, Lori, Stacy, Mark and Nicole; there are nine grandchildren.  Diana volunteered in their schools and sang in a community choral group.  She knits---especially chemo caps for the oncology unit at Abbott Northwestern.  In addition, she enjoys power walking and has participated in some 5K and 10K events.

Ted Meland
In 2002 Ted retired from the insurance business and from his 54 years as a member and leader in the Boy Scouts of America.  He moved to Arizona and is glad that he did.

He’s the founder and producer of a theater troupe that performs reenactments of old time radio shows.  He’s on his precinct’s election board and is a docent at a nearby western museum.  In addition, Ted is a miniaturist---he’s built scale models of a 1940s radio studio, an old west saloon/bordello and a World War II victory garden.  Photos are posted in Ted’s reunion website photo album.

Valerie Mellgren
Valerie earned a BS from the U of M with a major in medical technology and a minor in chemistry.  She worked as a medical technologist and then as a supervisor in several hospitals, including Mt. Sinai, Mounds Park, St. Johns and Fairview University.  She married Luther Askeland, now deceased, and has a daughter, Kari, and two grandchildren.

Valerie lives in a condominium on the site of West High School, which was closed and demolished.  She loves retirement and the time she has for reading, volunteering, her grandchildren, plays, concerts, opera, ballet, travel and doing nothing but looking at the action on Hennepin Avenue.

Kay Mickey
Kay was born January 8, 1942 in Illinois.  She married Herschel “Hersch” Fishman on March 20, 1993 in Minneapolis. Kay was employed by American Express for 20 years, retiring in 2002.  She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother.
Kay Mickey died at age 65 on April 5, 2007 in Cape Coral, Florida.  
Chris Miethe
Chris Miethe, who changed his last name to McCloud, died (date unknown).  His wife, Adrienne McCloud, predeceased him in 1980.  She was from Ireland and was a professional singer.   Chris never remarried.
Under the name Chris McCloud, he was a professional singer, and was working on a CD and a book at the time of his death.  He started a company “Cloudy Mountain Music Company” in 1978.  Chris was a lyricist and composer.  He had had over 50 of his songs published in Europe and many also in the United States under the “Cracker” label.
Chris was selected to serve as the European Director of the American Guild of Authors and Composers.
Sandy Millar
Sandy attended Cornell College in Iowa for a year but transferred to the U of M to be on the same campus as Jerry.  Sandy’s degree was in elementary education; Jerry majored in zoology.  They married in 1962 and had three children:  Bradley, Stephen and Anne Marie.  Bradley died in 1984 while a student at St. Olaf.  There are four grandchildren.

After college they spent some years with Westinghouse and General Electric, living in Omaha, Minneapolis and Phoenix.  Jerry worked in sales and management and retired in 2002.  In order to be closer to grandchildren they sold their Phoenix home and cool mountain retreat near Durango, CO and purchased 16 acres near Telemark Lodge in Cable, WI.  Sandy enjoys her greenhouse, gardening and crafts while Jerry spends time on the pontoon on Lake Namekagon and golfing.

Frank Miller 
Frank graduated from Yankton College in 1963.  He then attended United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, worked for the Minnesota Department of Corrections and on the Levander for Governor campaign before joining the US Army.  The military moved him to the South where he met and married his wife Pat.  In the following years Frank worked for an insurance company, in retail management for Radio Shack and then the US Postal Service, retiring in 2001.

Frank and Pat have two sons, W. David and Emmett, and there are two grandchildren.  They are active in their church and community and are experienced scuba divers.  Their sport has taken them from Lake Superior to the Bay Islands of Honduras, the Mexican Pacific, the Caribbean, south Florida, nd many trips to the bottom of Lake Michigan.  Frank writes that they have been privileged to experience first hand a part of the biggest world on our planet.

Judy Miller
Judy and classmate Rick Ilstrup will have been married 42 years this year.  In the early years they moved around for corporate reasons and in 1982 they settled in Eden Prairie. Judy worked for Edina Realty and believes she got out at just the right time. When they retired in 2004 they moved to Fort Myers, FL.  They visit Minnesota ever summer and enjoy seeing family, friends and old haunts.  They keep in touch with the Oak Hill group, which has had a number of reunions.

Judy and Rick have two children, Greg and Margaret, and there are four grandchildren.  They live in a golf community and frequently play. Judy’s new hobby is painting palm fronds.  She finds them in the street and paints masks, signs, just about anything.

Doug Mohn 
For most of his life Doug has been an avid boater, and for 15 years he lived aboard a houseboat on the Mississippi River.  He has traveled the Mississippi from St. Paul to southern Missouri and then east to the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers.  He’s semi-retired from Berger Transit, where he worked as a sales representative for 47 years.

Doug is married to his second wife, Kathy.  With his first wife Dee he had four children, and there are ten grandchildren.  Doug recalls his favorite car in high school---a 1950 Ford with an Oldsmobile engine.  Drag races on Lake Street and in Hopkins are well remembered.

Marilynn Moller
Marilynn earned BS and MA degrees from the U of M and taught primarily first grade in the Hopkins school district for 28 years.  She also worked for the Hennepin County Juvenile Court for seven years, representing abused and neglected children as a guardian ad litem.

Marilynn is married to Tim Leaf, and they have two sons, Craig and Jonathan.  Now that Marilynn and Tim are retired, they enjoy winters in Arizona.  Her favorite activities are cooking, reading and traveling.

Karen Mollet
Karen attended Bethel College in St. Paul until 1962 when she married classmate Dean Jaeger and moved to Spencer, Iowa to pursue his interest in farming.  In 1965 they re turned to school at Mankato State to finish their teaching degrees.  Karen earned a BS in music education and taught vocal and classroom music in the Faribault schools for 27 ye ars.

Karen and Dean have two children, Carma and Trent, and there are six grandchildren.  Now retired, they live in Chandler, AZ, where Karen continues to be active in music.  She accompanies choirs, instrumentalists and soloists and is pianist for weekly church services.  She’s given piano lessons to her grandchildren, too.  Karen’s additional interests are knitting, movies, reading 
and travel.

Bonnie Mowrey
Wendell Heers’s classes were the starting point for Bonnie’s 40-year career in marketing.  Through her Target connections with Steve Pistner she became part of a retail turnaround team and served on the boards of two Fortune 500 companies.

When Bonnie retired she moved back to her favorite Minneapolis neighborhood, Linden Hills.  She has two sons, Kit and Ben, plus three grandchildren.  Bonnie works part time at the Bibelot shop in Linden Hills and gets together often with the Oak Hill gang.

Gail Mykleby
Gail graduated from the U of M’s College of Education and was a hockey mom and school volunteer for 17 years.  She worked as customer service manager for a business-to-business publishing company, traveling extensively for many years.  She’s also been the office manager for a manufacturers’ rep company serving the gift industry.  She retired in April, 2008.

Edmund “Chief” Gould has been Gail’s significant other for 20 years.  She is the mother of two---Brian and Steven, who is deceased.  Gail has four grandchildren and three step grandchildren.  They, along with traveling, music and sewing, are her favorite interests these days.

Barb Nash
Barb and Bob Haakonson have three daughters---Kathryn, Karen and Kelly---and four grandchildren.  The oldest grandchild just turned 16 and is driving, which brings back vivid memories of Barb’s first driving experiences.  The Haakonsons enjoy Minnesota cabin life on Big Bass Lake near Outing and their grandchildren’s music and sports activities.

Barb worked in graphic arts for 35 years and retired from a technology firm in 2007.  She does quilting and participates in quilting trunk shows.  She also likes to read and play the organ, mostly for herself.

Phil Nichols
In 1970 Phil received a lifetime teaching credential in marketing and distribution from the University of California, Berkeley and then taught at San Jose City College for several years.  He sold institutional food and food service equipment in Minneapolis and later in California.  Phil designed restaurants in northern California and owned and operated nine restaurants in Silicon Valley and in Portland.

Phil and his wife Lyn retired to the Sierra Foothills in 2004.  They have four children:  Laurie, Phil, Robin and Kelly.  His favorite interests are hunting, fishing and conservation activities.

Dave Nitz
David was a philosophy major at the U of M with minors in humanities, history & English, post-graduate studies in psychology & biochemistry.  He joined the Navy Reserves in 1959 and worked for IBM and Paine Weber in the 60s and 70s.  Dave and classmate Karen Olson were married in 1962; they adopted two children, Christopher and Benjamin.  Dave and Karen were divorced in 1990.

In 1970 Dave began his career as real estate developer and custom home designer/builder. In 1991 he married Dr. Carole Selin, Ph.D. in clinical psychology.  Through the years Carole & Dave have enjoyed tennis, skiing at Vail and Aspen, golf at Wailea, Maui, waterskiing on Lake Minnetonka and playing their pianos.  Now retired, golf, computer projects, reading, movies, cards, traveling, boating, schmoozing with friends & relatives and playing the piano are favored activities.   

KayLaurel Ohm
In her younger years KayLaurel worked as a supervisor in the magazine subscription business, and later she worked for Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church as a wedding consultant and director of special activities.  After her daughters Julie and Janie completed college, it was KayLaurel’s turn, and she began her undergraduate degree at age 46.  Six years later she completed her graduate degree, becoming a licensed psychologist counseling women and teenaged girls and specializing in the area of domestic abuse.  With early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, she retired at age 62.

KayLaurel purchased the family home on Toledo Ave. behind Miracle Mile, and her children grew up there.  There are five grandchildren.  After 62 years on the Minnesota tundra KayLaurel and John Lindeman moved to Las Cruces, NM.  She is seriously involved in duplicate bridge and is a Silver Life Master.  They both love bridge and do some traveling to tournaments in the Southwest.  KayLaurel especially enjoys yearly reunions with her high school women friends and hopes to attend the reunion and share memories with many classmates.

Dick Olson 
Dick graduated from Macalester with a BA in psychology.  With his wife Dorothy and his son David he moved to Eugene, OR where he received a Ph.D. in experimental psychology in 1970.  He and Dorothy divorced in 1965.  He left Eugene reluctantly but found another beautiful place to live and a great job in the psychology department at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  In 1977 he married Jan Keenan, a professor in the psychology department at the University of Denver.  They have two children, Kate and Ryan.

Jan and Dick collaborate on behavior genetic twin studies of dyslexia and ADHD.  He is the director of the Colorado Learning Disabilities Research Center, funded by the National Institute of Health. They frequently travel around the world to present their research on genes and learning disabilities.  They also enjoy skiing and hiking in the Colorado mountains.

Jerry Olson
Sandy attended Cornell College in Iowa for a year but transferred to the U of M to be on the same campus as Jerry.  Sandy’s degree was in elementary education; Jerry majored in zoology.  They married in 1962 and had three children:  Bradley, Stephen and Anne Marie.  Bradley died in 1984 while a student at St. Olaf.  There are four grandchildren.

After college they spent some years with Westinghouse and General Electric, living in Omaha, Minneapolis and Phoenix.  Jerry worked in sales and management and retired in 2002.  In order to be closer to grandchildren they sold their Phoenix home and cool mountain retreat near Durango, CO and purchased 16 acres near Telemark Lodge in Cable, WI.  Sandy enjoys her greenhouse, gardening and crafts while Jerry spends time on the pontoon on Lake Namekagon and golfing.

Suzie Olson
Suzie studied at the U. of M., Nebraska, Metro State and MCAD and received a BA in studio art.  She worked as a respiratory therapist in Twin Cities and Nebraska hospitals and then did pulmonary seminars for physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists in the U.S. and Canada.

She has two children, Jennifer Pickett and Charlie Ross.  She and Steve Feltes contacted one another on and they married.  Recently Suzie & Steve cruised from Buenos Aires, around Cape Horn & the Straights of Magellan to Chile.

Avie Overbach
Avie graduated from the U of M’s School of Medicine in 1966; her internship in pediatrics was at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.  Her residency in pediatrics at the U of Alabama Hospital in Birmingham was followed by a three-year fellowship in neonatology there and work as a clinical instructor in pediatrics.  Starting in 1973 Avie worked as a public health medical officer in pediatrics for the county department of health, and in 1978 she became a practicing neonatologist and the director of the regional neonatal intensive care unit in Huntsville.  In 1990 she became the clinical research director for Ross Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio; in 1992 she was again a practicing pediatrician for the county health department in Birmingham.  She became an academic advisor for Clayton College of Natural Health in 2003 and retired in 2009.

Avie and Ron Cohen have been married for 41 years, and they have two children, Jennifer and David.  In her younger years Avie ran in 5K and 10K races, but these days she “walks” the races. She jogs or walks several times a week and enjoys light reading of mystery novels.

Judy Palen
Judy graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in merchandising.  She married Dana Wells, and they had five children:  Dana, Chris, Jon, Michael and Shellie.  Judy’s husband and her daughter Shellie are deceased.

In addition to her family Judy’s interests are golf, bridge, dancing and travel.

Paula Penniman
Paula Penniman died January 10, 1994.  No additional information is available.

Don Peterson
Shortly after his Park High graduation Don joined the National Guard.  He started in artillery but transferred to the band and served as assistant band director until his discharge in 1967.  He studied at the U of M and received a degree in finance and economics.  Don worked in financial management and information systems for 17 years at General Mills, nine years at Ecolab and 15 years at IBM.  He loves retirement.

Don married Linda Bolduc in 1962, and they have three children:  Donald, Steven and Anne, plus five grandchildren.  Don and Linda live in Plymouth for half of the year and spend winters in southwest Florida.  Activities include golf, tennis, shooting and boating.

Judy Phelps
Judy earned a BS in speech and theater from the U of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and an MA in theater arts from Northwestern.  She moved to Hollywood and worked as an editorial assistant at McGraw-Hill and attended the Oscars and other functions.  She got into set decorating and received two Emmy award honors.  One was for The Thorn Birds featuring Judy’s idol, Barbara Stanwyck. Her first film featured Fred Astaire, Helen Hayes and Patty Duke. Robert Wagner (Judy’s teenage idol) requested that she work on “Hart to Hart.” While in Hollywood she acted in The Bald Soprano with the Artis Repertory Co. and in the Shakespeare Society of America’s Richard III.

When she retired she moved to Palm Springs, and photography is a hobby.  Judy says that whenever she meets super-nice people she always asks if they’re from Minnesota.

Neal Pratt
Neal graduated from St. Olaf in 1963 and married classmate Ann Whiting the same year.  He earned an MS degree from George Williams College in 1965 and then studied at Drew Theological Seminary for a year.  For 15 years Neal was a YMCA professional in St. Louis, Minneapolis and on Cape Cod.  He’s been a residential building contractor since 1980 and is semi-retired.  He’s active in his church and the Housing Assistance Corp.

Neal and Ann have three children---Keith, Larry and Karen, and there are seven grandchildren.  Ann is a hospice nurse and currently a per diem nurse.  Three years ago Neal took up his saxophone for the first time since high school, and now he plays in two bands.

Tom Prin
Tom grew up in St. Louis Park through his junior high years but moved to Edina.  He graduated a Hornet but considers himself an Oriole.

Tom graduated from MacPhail Music College in 1965 and then taught music in public schools.  From 1971 until 1998 he played full time with his trio at clubs, hotels, concerts and recording sessions.  He taught at Minneapolis Community College from 1975 to 1991 and at St. Olaf from 1993 to 2000.  These days Tom does song writing, playwriting and arranging, and he plays gigs once or twice a month.  He is married to Deanna Weeks and has three children:  Stephen, Toby and Tracy.  Tom’s dad was Toby Prin, well known in the early days of TV.

Steve Quade
Steve attended the U of M and was a member of the swim team.  When he was 21 and working as a lifeguard at the Minneapolis Golf Club he lost some toes in a lawn mower accident.  His swimming career over, Steve went to Dunwoody to study air conditioning and then worked in the family business, Commercial Air Conditioning, as an estimator, a project manager and an officer of the company.

Now retired, Steve spends time with Cheryl Gustafson at their summer cabin on Crosslake and their winter cabin on Lake Hattie.  Cheryl is the mother of three:  Amy, Anders and Ryan, who is deceased.  Steve has hunted and fished in Alaska, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, and he and Cheryl have taken road trips to Florida, Texas, the West Coast and up the Alaska Highway.  They’ve enjoyed travels with Donna and Bob Waataja, and Steve and Bob often hunt and fish together.

Joni Ravitz
Joni attended the U of M and married Paul Koven in 1961.  They had three children---Stacy, Melissa and Heather, and there are three grandchildren.  The family moved to St. Louis in 1972 and became loyal Cardinals fans.  In 1981 Paul started a vascular electronics business.  He died in 2004, and two of their daughters are now running the company.  Joni works there as CFO three days a week.

Her family has given her great pleasure, and she’s enjoyed many travels over the years.  Two years ago Joni met a wonderful man on Yahoo Personals, and they enjoy traveling and grandchildren. She enjoys returning for visits to Minneapolis every summer.

Louie Reiter
During the winter of 1969 Louie, his wife and their three children set out for southern California, and his parents came along for the ride.  They all lived together in a rented home in Beverly Hills for the then-extravagant sum of $600 a month.  Louie and his father opened an automobile leasing, rental and sales operation, a successful business for over 30 years.

Louie has five grandchildren and has been single since 1995.  He hopes to attend the reunion but may be in Italy for a lengthy visit with his daughter and her family.  He regularly runs and lifts weights every week.  When he was in his late 50s Lou climbed to the summit of Mt. Whitney.  A few years ago he took up writing as a hobby---short stories and poetry---and he enclosed his shortest poem:

		You ask
		Do I know you
		It has taken all these years
		To catch but a glimpse of myself
		And even that keeps changing
		How could I possibly know you

Tom Rempfer
Tom graduated from the U of Arizona and married Sandra Hawkins in 1963.  They lived in Phoenix for a year and then moved to Minneapolis where Tom worked as a manufacturers’ rep until his retirement in 2000.  The Rempfers’ lake home north of Brainerd is his favorite place.

Tom and Sandy live in his childhood home on Highwood Rd.  Tom loves his four grandchildren, who take up a good amount of his retirement time.  His hobbies are golf, general fix-up and car racing.  He owns a racing class Porsche that he runs with the Porsche Club of America.  He’s also a qualified instructor for the Porsche and Audi clubs.

Jan Renne´
Jan attended Trinity College in Chicago and then worked at a large law firm in downtown Minneapolis.  After a stint in the Peace Corps she moved to San Diego where she worked in human resources at Xerox for 25 years.  Her next job was with a health insurance company, and she retired in 2008.

In 2000 she met Herb Levine and in 2007 was married for the first time at the age of 65.  Jan and Herb are enjoying retirement at their new home in Hemet, CA, 75 miles northeast of San Diego.  They’ll be in Minnetonka in July for her mother’s 90th birthday but will miss the reunion.  Jan was happy to read in the website’s biographies that so many classmates have stayed close friends.

Pete Rogers 
From 1959 to 1979 Pete was in the US Navy and did lots of playing.  In 1979 he married Ane Steigerwald and moved to Walker, MN.  He sold television ads for KNMT in Walker and in 1990 went to work for KSAX TV (Hubbard Broadcasting) until retiring in 2006.

Pete and Ane have two children, Peter and Sarah, and one grandchild.  They have lived in Walker for 30 years.

David Rose
David graduated from the U of M in 1964 and moved to California in 1965.  He worked as a CPA and as the CFO for a construction company.

He married Trish Cullen (class of 60) in 1968.  They have two sons, Mitchell and Ethan; both work in Los Angeles.  David retired in 1998.  His interests include travel, golf and charity work. 

Raleigh Rose
After graduation, it was decision time.  From 1959 to 1961 Raleigh worked to save enough money to start college.  He attended Mankato State from 1961 to 1965 and received a degree in business administration and marketing with minors in economics and psychology.  He joined the Army Reserve in 1965 and trained as a medic at Ft. Sam Houston, TX.  In 1972 he married Jenny Hammerot, and they had a daughter, Wendy.

Raleigh worked for General Electric until 2001, when he retired. Since then his passions have been golf and cooking.   In April, 2006 he had a stroke while playing golf in Arizona, and he is still healing.  Raleigh states that except for that event, life has been good, and he’ll be back.

Ronald Rose
Ronald Langer Rose died at age 64 in Encino, California on December 17, 2005.  He was preceded in death by his parents, Jack and Toby Rose.  He is survived by his sister, Elaine Rose of Sherman Oaks, California and aunts, uncles, and many cousins throughout the country.

Judy Row
Judy graduated from Drake University with a degree in biology and taught in Minneapolis and Everett, Washington.  She married a Drake classmate, and they went to Izmir, Turkey where Judy taught at the American Collegiate College.  Judy’s husband died in Turkey, and she returned with her daughter Laura to Northfield, where she earned a master’s degree in neurological and behavioral disorders and taught early childhood special education.  Judy married Mark Code after moving to Northfield and had two additional children, Sean and Colleen.  She has four grandchildren.

Judy loves to garden and has just completed the master gardener’s course at the Arboretum.  She has vivid memories of her Park High years and recalls girls wearing crinolines, guys in cords and the many Lake Conference games, home and away.  Judy admits that she did a 180-degree turn on Highway 100 on the way home from a game.  She’s planning to join classmates at a Park Tavern lunch.

Janet Ruble
Janet and her husband Keith Rusher live in Fort Madison, IA.  They have two children, Del and Janiece, and there are four grandchildren.  Janet worked for 26 years at the Fort Madison high school where she was the attendance secretary.  It was a busy, intensive job, with a lot of work on computers.  She enjoyed the people she worked with and most of the kids who came into the office but was ready to retire.

Janet and Keith play golf nearly every day in the summer, and for 30 years their main winter vacation has been spent skiing in Winter Park, CO.  She will have a knee replacement in the fall and is unsure about how her skiing will be affected.  Janet also belongs to a couple of organizations which keep her busy during the winter.

Harold “Grant” Sandquist
Harold Sandquist died November 4, 1989.  No additional information is available.
Abbie Savran
Abbie was born November 22, 1941 in Bismarck, North Dakota.  She was graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Library Science.  She married Sandy Helman in Minneapolis on November 1, 1964.  Abbie worked for many years at the University of Illinois, also assisting with the research being done by her husband who was on the faculty there.
Her interests were in attending cultural events and walking with friends and family.  She dearly loved her golden retrievers.  She was active in the Sinai Temple in Urbana.
Abbie Savran died at age 65 in Urbana, Illinois on February 10, 2007 as a result of multiple myeloma.

Vicki Schrock
After graduation and with a strong recommendation from Miss Wharton, Vicki entered the business world.  She married Roger Johnson, president of the class of 58.  According to Vicki, Jan Renne deserves credit for this. Roger and Vicki have two sons, Erik and Chad, and will celebrate their 46th anniversary in July.  There are three grandchildren.

Vicki and Roger are enjoying a busy retirement and are actively involved in a Lions/Lioness Club.  They play golf and enjoy vacationing at Breezy Point Resort.

Eleanor Schunk
Eleanor has four children:  Mike, Dwane, Mary and Scott.  Her husband, Corky Warchol, is deceased.  There are six grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

Eleanor is semi-retired and enjoys occasional trips to a casino.  She’s looking forward to seeing classmates at the reunion.

Perry Schwartz
Perry graduated from the U of M with a double major in journalism and film & TV production.  He’s been married for 31 years to his second wife, Mary Jane, and has two children, Catherine and Elizabeth, from his first marriage. Both have families of their own.  Perry and Mary Jane adopted two children from Honduras---Carolyn and Michael.

Perry has spent more than 25 years as a writer and film and video director and as a creative director for business theater events.  He and Averill Kronick were partners for 18 years in The Filmakers, a motion picture production company.  He’s now the director, producer and owner of Kinetic Learning, Inc., which creates self-directed learning programs delivered via the internet.  Perry enjoys still photography, travel and cooking.  He’s written three books, including Carolyn’s Story:  A Book About an Adopted Girl, the story of his family’s adoption experience.

Steve Seagren
Steve attended Harvard, rooming with Vern Strand for three of their undergraduate years.  He spent the next four years at Northwestern Med School and then interned at Hennepin County General.  During the Viet Nam war years Steve served at a naval hospital in Subic Bay, the Philippines.  His next step was a two-year medical oncology fellowship at hospitals in southern California.  He eventually established board certification in internal medicine, medical oncology and radiation oncology.  He retired from the medical school faculty at the University of California – San Diego in 2006.

Steve and his wife Jill have a son, Sean.  They have traveled on their own by train, bus or rented car to Eastern Europe, Turkey, Russia and the Baltic States.  He gets together every year or two with Park High classmates Bob Humboldt, Doug Benson and Chuck Hollenbeck.

Alan Segal
Alan Segal died November 28, 1999.  He was survived by his wife Sharon and five children and ? grandchildren.
Alan was a criminal attorney and a former Assistant County Attorney.

Neil Sell
Neil graduated from the U of M in 1963 with a BS in economics with a minor in accounting.    He became a certified public accountant and worked for Arthur Andersen & Co. from 1963 until 1968.  From 1964 until 1968 he attended William Mitchell College of Law and earned his JD degree.  He works for the Minneapolis law firm of Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand.

Neil had two children, Sheri and Jason, with his first wife, and there are four grandchildren.  They divorced in 1993.  He married Katherine Wilson in 2000, and they have a daughter, Lily, who is eight years old.  When Lily’s school schedule permits, the family travels or stays at their winter home in Palm Desert, CA.  Neil enjoys reading, exercising and spending time with family and friends.

Barb Shourt
In Barbara’s reunion web site photo album there are photos of humans, dogs and horses important to her during the past 50 years.  She has shown dogs since the ‘50s, and starting in 1963 she’s bred Doberman Pinschers, Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers and longhaired Dachshunds.  Barbara began serious riding in the ‘50s and rode professionally in the ‘60s.

To pay for her hobbies Barb taught elementary school for 27 years.  For the past five years she’s been contracting for a pet sitting/dog walking company.  She had a small horse breeding business as well.  She has just one horse left, a Westphalian warmblood, currently in training for dressage.  He’s also a therapy horse for Barb, who describes herself as an old rider with much titanium and plastic in her body.  She wonders where the decades have gone and looks forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Bruce Siewert
Bruce earned a BA in history from the U of M.  He worked as a manufacturer’s rep in athletic products made by Nike, Spalding, MacGregor, Bauer and others.  He’s now retired.

Bruce has four sons:  Jason, Corey, Jordan and Christopher.  There are four grandchildren.  Bruce loves attending Nascar and Indy car races.  Bruce & Claudette spend summers at their home in Plymouth, MN and winters in Florida.

Rosalyn Sigal
Rosalyn Sigal died March 31, 2008.  She was preceded in death by her husband Bernard Ostrow.  She lived in St. Louis Park and was an owner of Union Prescriptions of Hopkins.

Darryl Sjostrom
Darryl attended the U of M in 1960-61 and served in the Army National Guard from 1963 until 1968.  In 1964 he graduated from Mankato State with a degree in business administration and joined Sears in 1965.  He worked at the Lake Street store for three years and transferred to the Sears Chicago headquarters in 1968.  He held various Sears merchandising, sales and marketing management positions internationally and in the US until 1986.  He worked for Universal-Rundle Corp. from 1986 until 1990, and starting in 1990 he owned the FastFrame stores and franchise development company in the Chicago region.

Darryl met his wife Suzanne at Sears, and they married in 1976.  His favorite activities and interests are traveling, hiking, motorcycle touring, boating and polishing old cars---currently a 1962 Corvette and a 1968 AMX.

Dede Smith
Dede Smith died on June 29, 2009.  No additional information is available.

Murry Smith
Murry Smith died July 20, 1966.  No additional information is available.

Diane Snowden 
Diane worked with young children at the Barrington Area Library for 24 years and loved it.  She and her husband Steve have two sons, Mike and Chris.  Both are doctors---Chris is a spinal surgeon, and Mike is a professor of engineering at Georgia Tech.

Diane and Steve love living in Ft. Myers, FL and welcome visitors getting away from the cold weather.

Paula Snyder
Paula graduated from the U of M.  She and Arvin Cohen have been married for 43 years, and they have a son and a daughter.  There are three grandsons.

The Cohens’ winter home is in Scottsdale, AZ.  Paula’s hobbies are golf and duplicate bridge.

Chris Stewart
Chris has had a 35-year career in show business.  She performed in the original Broadway production of Sweet Charity starring Gwen Verdon and directed by Bob Fosse.  In addition, she appeared in the Broadway and touring companies of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and West Side Story.  Chris was the first choreographer for the Chanhassen Dinner Theater and is currently the assistant director of the Bloomington Civic Theater.  She has opened a home acting studio.

Chris is married to Paul Fournier.  She has a daughter, Michelle Black, four stepchildren and four grandchildren.  She has written and published On The Sunny Side of The Street, a memoir of her mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Bill Stiehm 
After 34 years with Westinghouse Bill retired in 1999.  He currently works part time at Crystal Lake Golf Course during summers and part time at Burnsville Toyota during winters.

Bill and his wife Janet are parents of Erik, Molly and Gianna Stiehm and Katie and Jesse Sumstad.

Vern Strand
Vern graduated from Harvard in 1963 and the U of M Medical School in 1967.  His internship and residency were at Cook County Hospital in Chicago; they were followed by a fellowship at the Lahey Clinic in Boston and U.S. Army service in Frankfurt, Germany.  Beginning in 1975 he has been a general surgeon in Michigan, in Benton Harbor for the first 20 years, and at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit since 1995.

Vern and his wife Jane have six children:  Keith, Craig, Kerin, Christina, Karla and Kyle.  Vern hasn’t retired---not in this economy---and he’s realized too late in life that he wanted to be a golfer.

Len Stunick
Len and classmate Pam McCauley have been married for 47 years.  Both of their children, Lori and Brian, are married; Lori lives in Arkansas and Brian in Indiana.

Len retired in 2003 and enjoys home projects and golf.

Karen Swanson
Karen graduated from Gustavus Adolphus in 1963 and married Bob Kreiser in 1964.  They moved to Seattle and West Point, NY and now live on a farm in Erhard, near Fergus Falls. They had two children, Kelly and Ken, and five grandchildren---four granddaughters and a grandson Derek, who recently passed away at the age of three.

Karen taught first grade and then owned and operated Jellybean Junction, a children’s store in Fergus Falls.  She also worked at a local community TV station hosting and producing a show called “In Your Garden.”  Karen, Bob and Kelly now operate a seasonal nursery business called Wildwood.  They sell all kinds of flowers and specialize in creating birch baskets and pots and filling them with flowers and vines.  Karen became a Master Gardener about 15 years ago.

Karen and Bob have gone bow hunting in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  Karen has loved her trips made with her Park friends Sandy Rempfer, Judy Palen, Linda Johnson, KayLaurel Ohm, Linda Radabaugh, Sherron Ecklund, Lois Marra and Ginny Larson.

RuthAnn Townsend
She was born in Minneapolis.  After graduating from St. Louis Park High School she attended the University of Minnesota.  Ruth Ann was a loving and devoted wife, mother, grandmother and friend.  She had a love of life and was a passionate gardener, reader and volunteer.  She volunteered at Children’s Hospital and Minneapolis Junior League.  She had a special bond with children and exuberant love for her family and friends.
Ruth Ann Townsend died of cancer at age 67 on May 23, 2009 in Edina. She is survived by her husband of 47 years, Jim Thorp; daughter Heidi (Michael) Barcelow; son, Jeff (Mary Pat); granddaughter, Grace Ann Barcelow; brothers, Charles (Gretchen) Townsend and Joey Townsend; brothers-in-law, Ralph (Nancy) Thorp and Gary (Patti) Thorp; nieces and nephews.
Dick Tuthill
Dick married Marilynn Mavis in 1964 and they had two sons, Jeff and Steve.  There are four grandchildren.  Marilynn passed away in 2004.  In 1965 he established Dick’s Valley Service in Apple Valley, a service station that offered auto repair and 24-hour towing.  Over the years the business expanded; it now has 40 employees and occupies a 20,000 square foot building.  Dick was also a charter member of the Apple Valley Fire Department and served as chief for 25 years.

Dick is retired from the fire department and semi-retired from his business.  His significant other is Nancy Elwood.  His summer home is on Cross Lake, and he enjoys boating, fishing and being there with his family.  He likes attending the grandkids’ sports events and is an avid Minnesota Wild hockey fan.

Monty Van Dover 
Monty Van Dover graduated from the U of M and worked for IBM for 37 years.  He started in St. Paul, moved to Dallas and then to Austin, TX.
Monty and his wife have five children.

He won’t be at the reunion as he has bladder cancer and will be starting chemo treatments in August.

Bob Waataja
Bob graduated with a business degree from the U of M in 1963 and joined Cargill as a cash grain merchant.  While working for Cargill in Des Moines he met his wife Donna, then a student at Drake University.  Bob worked for Hennessy, Mayer and Morris as a commodity broker from 1966 until 1969, when he joined Paine Webber as a stockbroker and later moved into their municipal bond department.  He worked at Cronin & Co. as a municipal bond broker from 1976 until his retirement in 2006.

Bob and Donna have three children, Kara, Michael and Jonathon, and there are four grandchildren.  Bob enjoys being with family and friends at the Waatajas’ lake home on Crosslake.  Steve Quade is on the same lake, and the guys have hunted and fished since high school.  Bob also likes swimming, hiking, golf and traveling with Donna.

Barry Weinberg
Barry litigated and supervised litigation at the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC until January, 2000.  During the past ten years he has been writing law articles and books plus several plays, teaching law workshops in the US and abroad and monitoring elections abroad.  

He married halfway through law school and was divorced 26 years later.  Soon after, he married Lyn Utrecht and has stayed married for 19 years.  Barry has four children, aged 16 to 38---Walter, Jonathan, Piper and Zachary, plus one grandchild.  Barry writes that he doesn’t feel old---he just has a hard time getting everything done in a day with only 24 hours.  He exercises every day, and every week he records books for the blind and dyslexic.  He looks nothing like he did in high school, so if he’s at the reunion he may not be noticed.

Marlene Whaley 
For 20 years Marlene worked for the Peavey Co. in the areas of inside account sales and advertising.  For the past 25 years she’s worked in human resources for Aeration Industries International.  She lived in Nuremberg, Germany for three years and has traveled in Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Mexico.  Marlene has survived two cancers and gives back by supporting breast cancer organizations and events.

Marlene married Philip Miller and was widowed in 2006.  She has a daughter, Tamara.  She has memories of walking to school from 29th and Colorado on cold winter days wearing wool Bermuda shorts and knee-highs, working part time in the afternoons through the occupational relations program at Carney Office Supply, wearing the orange Pep Club jacket to Friday night games, helping in the library in the morning when we were on half days, Beek’s Pizza’s juke box and hot summer days at Calhoun Beach. 

Peg Whitehead
Peg graduated from the U of M with a degree in dental hygiene.  She married Howard Ostrom in 1964, and they have three sons---Eric, Jim and Mike.  All three graduated from college and have done some graduate work.

Howard’s career with AT & T moved them to New Jersey, Omaha, and back to Minnesota.  Peg has had several careers, and the most recent was volunteer coordinator and new member assimilator at their church.  She’s been retired for six years.

Ed Winter
Ed graduated from the U of M in mathematics and sociology.  He then worked as a statistician for the Public Health Service in Washington, DC and as a VISTA volunteer in Indianapolis.  In 1968 as a graduate student and rebel at Columbia University he was arrested as a Vietnam war protester and spent a night in jail with Abbie Hoffman. In the early ‘70s he was a fisherman in Kodiak, Alaska.  Returning to Minneapolis, he met his wife Jan and worked as an accountant for food cooperatives.

Twenty-three years ago Ed and Jan moved to Eugene, OR and bought a 40-acre farm where they grow much of their own food.  They have a donkey, sheep, goats and chickens and an orchard which produces cherries, apples, plums, pears and peaches.  Ed works as an accountant to support their farming and for the past nine years has been the financial manager for an environmental nonprofit in Eugene.  He enjoys bicycling and is politically active in his community.

Sue Winter
Susie and Bob Diamond, a retired MD, have been married for 48 years.  They have three children---Lori, Steve and Scott, and there are seven grandchildren.

The Diamonds are Hopkins residents half the year, and they spend the other half at their home in Rancho Mirage, CA.  Susie says that she has been very happy with her life.  She loves to walk around the lakes, play bridge, read, travel and spend time with friends and family.

Marilyn Wise
After 22 years Marilyn retired from teaching in the Minnetonka schools.  She had taught the primary grades and high school.  Marilyn and Neil Berthe have four children---Kim, Julie, Cindy and Jenny---and seven grandchildren.

Three years ago Marilyn and Neil purchased a cabin and are in the process of updating it.  They’ve traveled to Tahiti, Europe, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.  Marilyn enjoys gardening, golfing and being with family.

James Wolf
Jim was born at home in Clara City, Minnesota on January 19, 1941.  He was graduated from Mankato State College and was a member of Phi Delta Theta.
His career was in electro-optical equipment, including Zeiss and Nikon.  He was President of Wolco.  He was an electronics enthusiast and a history buff.  He resided in Burnsville, Minnesota and Barefoot Bay, Florida.
James Wolff was 67 when he died July 22, 2008.

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