St. Louis Park Class of 59


Dancing we did!  We danced after lunch in Junior High.  Who can forget “Cross Over The Bridge”?  We danced at Canteens after games.  We danced at Tropicals and SHE dances.  We danced in our parents’ basement rec rooms.  We danced with Sadie Hawkins, we danced at Proms and we watched the Parkettes dance.  We danced with girls we married and guys we didn’t.  We didn’t invent Rock & Roll, but we sure had fun doing the Lindy and dancing to Bill Haley & Elvis.  And, of course, we loved dancing slow & close to Tab Hunter’s “Young Love” & “My Prayer” by the Platters.  Relive the fun & joy of life with these photos.  Help fill up this web page and send yours.  Memories Are Made of This!


Come Dance With Me

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