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August 20 - 23, 2014
The date was June 4, 1959 — 55 years ago — that the graduating class of 354 vibrant, exuberant  and indefatigable seniors said goodbye to Mighty, Mighty Park Hi.  We parted company, but not for good.  We went on to marry classmates, attend college together, join America’s Armed Forces, work and partner together in businesses, create families, all the while staying in touch and nurturing childhood friendships that grew to become adult bonds that have lasted more than five decades.

Since June 1959, our school has been remodeled a couple of times.  Many of us have been remodeled too, with new knees, new hips, new coronary arteries and new whatchamacallits.  Our bodies have changed, our faces have changed, but our hearts have not… we remain tied to each other because of what we have shared both before and after 1959.

We may have lost our youth, but we haven’t lost our desire to embrace one another with smiles, hugs, kisses and hand-shakes.  We’re sorry and sad that all 354 of us can’t be together again.  But we’re happy that we’re still able to celebrate our lives, our success, our joy and yes, our health with those whom we have known and loved the longest.

On Wednesday, August 20th golfing classmates will tee off their matches and our reunion at Meadowbrook Golf Course.  Starting at 4 pm hugs, kisses and handshakes will be shared while drinks are guzzled and pizza enjoyed at Bunny’s Bar & Grill in St. Louis Park.  

On Thursday, August 21st we’ll join friends for another lunch at McDonald’s, then cross the street where we’ll tour Park Hi and in a special program deceased classmates will be remembered and memorialized led by Jack Alwin, our English teacher, class play director and Echowane narrator.  

At 3 pm classmates will once again enjoy a bus ride together for a ride from our high school to Harriet Island in St. Paul where we’ll board the Jonathon Padelford riverboat where we’ll wine, dine and schmooz with “old” friends as we cruise the might Mississippi River (click on boat photo).

The next day, Friday, August 22nd we’ll be together at the Lafayette Club located in Minnetonka Beach on Lake Minnetonka (click on photo below).  We’ll have time to swap stories with those we missed on our Mississippi cruise, enjoy refreshments, hors d’oeuvres, and a grand buffet dinner.  After dessert, we’ll be entertained while we relax and gather enough energy to say goodbye one more time.

At 9 am on Saturday, August 23rd, we’ll have another opportunity to exchange smiles and memories over brunch at the Marriott Hotel in Minnetonka where many out-of-town classmates will have stayed the past few days.  After that you’re on your own to visit family and friends, see the sites in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, a baseball game at the Twin’s new ball park and get lost amongst a quarter of a million people at the Minnesota State 

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If you move, change your address, phone number or email address, please let us know.  It will make it a lot easier for all of us to stay connected.  Mail changes to St. Louis Park Class of 59, P O Box 678 Wayzata, MN 55391.  Email your updated data to:


This website is dedicated to those who made us what we have become, whom we are today: our teachers.  To the likes of Jack Alwin, Roger DeClercq, Roy Griak, Lyle Hanks, Marie Hanson, Doris Johnson,  Sally Ost, Janet Ostercamp, Hollace Sandholm, Lyle Santelman, Paul Schroeder, Dick Wainio, Gene Wright  and all the rest.  We thank you!  We loved and still love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you gave us... our lives and our futures.  For teacher biographies & obits click here.




Join your classmates for lunch.  Monthly lunches are held at the Park Tavern located on Louisiana Avenue just north of Highway 7.  Living in town or coming from out of town... come & renew friendships, rehash the good old days, make today a better day.  The more the merrier.


Strong & 93!

Asst. Principal Paul Schroeder celebrated his 90th birthday by raising the flag at the Minnesota Twins game on Labor Day.  Here is Paul with his wife, Camille.  Three dozen kids, grandchildren, great-grand-chil-dren, nieces & nephews joined in the fun.



It was home-coming and there were lots of class-mates that we couldn’t find.  Check the list at the “Missing” link on the left and let us know if you discover the whereabouts of any missing class-mates. Email  information to:


Financial assistance   for our reunion was provided by more than 50 class-mates.  Besides contributing their time, fellow  classmates made contributions of thousands of dollars to the cause.  There will be continued expenses related to future annual ReEcho news-letters, web-site and planning for our 60th Annivers-ary celebration in 2019. Send anything you can to reunion treas-urers, Steve Quade and Bob Waataja.  Make your check out to “SLP Class of 59” and mail it to:

“SLP Class of 59” Post Office Box 678, Wayzata, MN 55391



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You’ve heard of The Lindy, swing, fox trot, waltz and dirty dancing, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen classmates Dave Nitz, Neal Prat, Steve Quade and Bob Waataja doing a Chippendale with phy ed teacher, swimming coach and Rooter Club Advisor Dick Wainio.  Turn up your speakers, click on the dancers below, sit back and enjoy.  For best viewing click on the video’s full page view button.