St. Louis Park Class of 59



OK boys & girls, my name is Friday, Joe Friday.  Here’s my badge; I work for the LAPD.  This is my partner, Sam.  We want to make sure that we've got everything right... all the facts, just the facts: your address, phone number, email address.  We need to know more about you, like your birthday, spouse, children’s names, hobbies & favorite activities, favorite stories, memories, your work.

So get your pencils sharpened... I've got an an assignment for you.  It’s not a test, though if your memory is like mine, some parts may seem like one.  And it’s not an essay, though you won’t be graded down if you decide to write one.

What I'm looking for is a biographical story (remember, Mrs. Moffat taught you how to write one).  Some stuff we already know because you're in our file downtown (like your name & address... obviously, else how would we have gotten this to you?).  Some stuff we may have known once but need reminding (your spouse’s & kid’s names, your favorite St. Louis Park haunts & memories and the like).  Plus, a lot of stuff we may not have a clue about, like how you’ve spent the last 50 years: professionally, socially, recreationally, etc. You can skip the sordid and X-rated details, this is a class act (pun intended).

Just give us the facts and you'll stay out of trouble, i.e. we won't send you a reminder.  Copy & paste the form below (starting with “Personal Data”) to a new email message, then fill in the blanks.  Send your email to Do it now and you won't have to remember to do it tomorrow... and besides, Sam won’t have to cuff ya and you'll stay out of jail!

Questionnaire information will be used to update our Class of 59 Address Book.  Biographical data will be edited by our Echo Managing Editor, Jane Erickson, who while be transcribing your information into two paragraphs which will be published on the “Biographies” page of our website.


Name (ladies, please format as follows: First, Maiden-Marriage)

Address, Home

Address, Secondary (winter or vacation home)

Address, Email

Website, Personal, Professional or Business

Home Phone

Winter/Vacation Home Phone   

Work Phone

Cell Phone

Birthday (Month/Day/Year)

Spouse’s Full Name

Children’s Names


    Personal Biography

    Family Biography

    Education, Place & Degree

    Career Resume, VITA, History

    Favorite Stories, old & new

    Favorite Activities

ATTACH PHOTOS (send lots of them)

    Yourself, your family, with classmates

    Attached photos will be added to your photo album in our

    Web Photo Gallery.

All of the above data will be published on our St. Louis Park Class of 59 website so as to be shared with your classmates.  If you don’t want any information to be published on our website, don’t  include it on your questionnaire return.